Freedom Accelerator Review (Jonathan Montoya)

Welcome to my Freedom Accelerator review. This is Jonathan Montoya’s brand-new training program. It’s all about creating simple short videos and making money online.

Jonathan Montoya

In his own words, Jonathan says that he can help anyone go from zero to a hundred thousand dollars per month with his four-phase process. 

“Yes, we are still using affiliate marketing like with everything else I teach. When I first started, my only focus was on affiliate marketing. Building my email list, Youtube channel, and brand. Those are the things that helped me get to six figures. If you’re just starting out in this business, this is probably not for you.” Says Jonathan. 

“Phase one is all about your first $10K month. If you haven’t hit that goal yet, this part is for you.” You can move on to the next phase ONLY when you reach that goal. “There are a few things that we go into to get you that first 10K month. We go into identifying your customer avatar.

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Then we figure out a signature offer for you. This is super important if you’re trying to get to that seven-figure mark. You need something that stands out from other people. Another thing we will do is teach you how to close and track sales.”


Phase two is the Instant Traffic System. “You’re making 10K a month and now we want you to get to 30K. This is what I was able to do when I went through that exact same process. This phase is all about trying to get as many people as you can to your signature offer.”

The platforms you will use to upload and create short-form content are going to be TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. 

Phase three will show you how to get evergreen traffic to your affiliate offers. It’s all about automation and having the financial and time freedom to enjoy your life. That’s Jonathan’s goal with Freedom Accelerator.

The last phase is all about automating your business. You will use different systems, S.O.Ps, and create a team of people that will handle the day-to-day operations.

When you set up all these automation in place, you should be at a point where you’re doing only 5% of the work. This program will work for affiliate marketers that know the subject.

Even if you haven’t made any money yet, but you are familiar with the business model and know how funnels work, and what email marketing is, you can still benefit from Jonathan Montoya’s coaching. 

He doesn’t work with anyone and he is very strict when choosing who can enroll in this program. He will work closely with all members of his program for 12 months.

By the end of these 12 months, you could potentially have a 7-figure business that runs on automation. Freedom Accelerator will probably cost a lot of money ($5K+ presumably).

Don’t have that much to invest or prefer to avoid it?

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