FPA Workshop Review – Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my FPA Workshop review. This is Karla Marie and Roy Lewis’ free webinar training that leads to their high-ticket program called Fiction Profit Academy. Karla’s target audience is busy women looking to make money online.

Karla Marie

In the short 2-minute presentation leading to the fake live training, she talks about a way to help you grow a stable income source quickly. To me, it almost sounds like a way to make money fast (get rich quick scheme).

Apparently, she works 1 hour per day and makes $20K each month. Sounds too good to be true?

Read on to find out exactly what you’re getting into.

FPA Workshop Review Summary

Product Name: FPA Workshop

Product Type: Free Training

Product Owner: Karla Marie & Roy Lewis

Overall Score: 55/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: This is a free training that uses aggressive marketing tactics to promote a paid course that costs $2K to become a member.

It starts by showcasing all the success stories of busy moms that have already made a lot of money using the same business model Karla uses to make up to $20K per month.

In my opinion, she saw some success implementing this back in the day when there was no competition and is now selling a course teaching others.

What you won’t learn anywhere on that free webinar is that nowadays, the competition on Amazon for book publishers is HUGE.

It will only keep on growing. That doesn’t mean imminent failure. It means that the business model is not new or unheard of before, as it’s advertised.

A lot of people have already seen success with this program, which means that it’s not only possible but very likely to achieve success.

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My advice is to avoid spending more than what you’re willing to lose. In other words, if you don’t have at least $3K to get started might as well look for a different way to create a wildly profitable online business.

My top recommended training will show you how to do that in a very cost-effective and much less risky (beginner-friendly) way. 

What is FPA Workshop?

FPA Workshop is a costless webinar that shows you a huge opportunity that lies within Amazon. Book publishing and selling. This is a legit business model with a lot of REAL potential to make money online.

However, the marketing and the way it’s promoted look very sketchy and misleading, in my opinion. You’re promised 3 bonuses if you stay until the end of the FPA Workshop. One of them is $500 cash. 

500 cash bonus

“Bonus number 3 is extra special because I want to give you 500 dollars. And as you will see, I’m not even kidding. All you have to do is stay until the end of the workshop, and these bonuses are yours”, says Karla.

When confronted in a comment on Trustpilot about these misleading claims, here’s what they had to say about it.

TrustPilot negative comment and feedback

Apparently, there are some extra things you need to do to get that bonus. One of them is to enroll in their 4 figure program. That’s so incredibly misleading.

Is FPA Workshop a Scam?

FPA Workshop review legit or not

FPA Workshop is NOT a scam, but their advertising is VERY shady and unethical, in my opinion.

In the short video leading to the long fake live webinar, it’s clear that Karla Marie will do whatever it takes to get people to watch it and stay until the end. Even promise a few hundred bucks for your time.

That’s a real business model with misleading monetary compensation claims. The Amazon Marketplace Marie talks about is not new or little known. In fact, many people know about it and are actively selling books over there.

Karla Marie FPA Workshop

Other courses teach the exact same things, such as Audiobook Income Academy. They’ve been around for years now.

In reality, you will need to invest $2K for their paid program, a few hundred on ads, ghostwriters, book covers, and more fees to keep your new business going. At the very low end, you would need about $3K just to get started.

More preferably, you should have at least $5K to keep things going and have a REAL chance of making some money.

The huge risks and big competition lead me to believe that this is NOT the best way for a beginner on a budget to get started in the online space. If you can’t afford the program, see this cost-effective alternative instead.

On the upside, you should definitely consider joining the program. It can help you, just as it did so many other students.

Join Here.

What I Like About FPA Workshop

FPA Workshop review pros vs cons

1. The Business Model is Legit. You will learn a real way of generating revenue online using Amazon. The world’s biggest retail website.

2. Real Success Stories.
It looks like there are people who actually end up making a lot of money with this business model. However, I’m 100% sure that MOST people who enroll in this program end up making little to no money. That’s the reality of starting any type of business online or offline.

What I Don’t Like About FPA Workshop

1. Expensive Business Model. This is one of the most expensive ways to start an online business that requires a hands-on approach.

2. Shady Advertising.
In my opinion, the promotion of this workshop and the paid course is done in a very misleading way. People can easily think that they will get paid for watching a LIVE webinar that’s not actually live. It’s pre-recorded. They don’t get paid for attendance either.

3. Not The Best Business Model For Beginners. In my opinion, this is not the best way to start an online business as a beginner.

The risk-to-reward ratio does not add up. You can easily end up wasting thousands of dollars without getting a decent return on your investment.

That’s why, on the next page, I will show you the four-step system I used to get started with my online business without spending thousands of dollars.

Now I’m making up to $1K per SINGLE unit sold. That’s on automation. On top of monthly recurring revenue. Zero direct sales skills.

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