Flipper University Review – Is Flea Market Flipper Legit?

Welcome to my Flipper University review. Can you really start a reselling side hustle with Rob and Melisa’s course, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a high-ticket program that claims to teach you how to start an online business reselling used items.

The sales page mentions a few of the satisfied and happy customers who have achieved remarkable results.

Apparently, Brandon & Kris made $2,500 from their FIRST sale with Flipper University. Some of their flips come from picking up stuff from the trash and listing them on eBay, Facebook’s Marketplace, etc.

picked from trash and sold for $150

As an incentive, you’re rewarded with their custom-made merchandise. Shirts, mugs, and certificates are given to customers who make money using the program.

The first reward is given when you reach $1K. If you don’t have $497 to $997 to pay for Flipper University, they can show you how to apply for PayPal credit and split your payment.

However, it’s probably not wise to invest more than you can afford to lose. Especially if you’re convinced you can achieve success with the program.

Flipper University Review Summary

Product Name: Flipper University

Product Owners: Rob and Melisa

Product Type: Item Flipping & Selling Online Training Course

Product Price: $497 or $997 For The Upgraded Version

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone

Summary: Flipper University is a good course that teaches a legit side hustle business anyone can do in their spare time.

They don’t talk about members making astronomical figures, which is a good thing. Realistically, clients who enroll, put in the work, and go through all the steps could start making anywhere from $500 to $2K per month on average.

Some make more, others make less. You might not earn anything at all as everything depends on your efforts. In my opinion, this course comes with a lot of information nicely packaged in the form of an educational resource.

However, most of the information can be found for free online if you do your research.

On top of that, the earning potential is not that great. That’s why I think that there are better, cost-effective, and beginner-friendly alternatives for starting a wildly profitable online business.

What is Flipper University?

flipper university

Flipper University is a course with 13 modules and over 45 lessons in the form of video tutorials, PDF files, and spreadsheet documents.

The program is divided into sections. Beginner, Intermediate, and Freight Shipping. Here’s what’s covered in the first part of the program:

Module 1: Getting Started introduces the reselling business, discussing its benefits and drawbacks and strategies for decluttering.

Module 2: Finding FREE Items To Resell explores methods and tips for sourcing items at no cost and identifying valuable finds.

Module 3: Setting up Your eBay and PayPal Accounts provides step-by-step instructions for creating eBay and PayPal accounts, essential for selling online, and emphasizes the importance of building a positive feedback profile.

Module 4: How to List an Item on eBay covers the listing process, including pricing strategies, writing effective descriptions, choosing between auction and fixed-price formats, and selecting the best shipping carrier and pricing model.

Module 5: Shipping Basics delves into the logistics of shipping, teaching how to package small to medium items efficiently, customize boxes for shipping, print shipping labels through eBay, and what steps to take next.

The next section of the training program covers a bit more difficult concepts and terms that anyone wishing to achieve success flipping items should know.

Welcome Module: Sets the stage with a warm welcome and addresses ethical concerns related to reselling.

Module 2: Sourcing Items finding valuable items to flip, utilizing platforms like OfferUp and Facebook, and mastering negotiation tactics.

Module 3: Getting Your Items Ready to Sell focuses on preparing items for sale to maximize profit, including cleaning, repairing, and photographing items effectively.

Module 4: Selling on eBay builds on basic eBay selling knowledge, exploring account types, eBay SEO, customer communication, handling refunds and returns, achieving top-rated seller status, and managing negative feedback.

Module 5: Selling On Other Platforms guides through selling on Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook groups, and Marketplace, emphasizing buyer meetings and safety.

Module 6: Packaging and Shipping offers practical advice on packaging materials, shipping larger items, saving on shipping labels, insurance, and making insurance claims.

Module 7: Keeping Good Records tackles the essential but less exciting aspects of running a business, such as accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes, ensuring legal and financial order.

Module 8: Resources provides quick links to all the resources mentioned throughout the course, wrapping up with guidance on the next steps.

This advanced course from Flipper University dives into the specifics of freight shipping for large items, a crucial skill for flippers dealing with bulkier goods.

Module 1: Getting Started With Freight Shipping introduces the course and covers the basics of listing items on eBay with freight shipping options, ensuring a smooth start for those new to this shipping method.

Module 2: Boxing, Palleting, and Crating Large Items offers detailed, step-by-step guidance on preparing large items for shipping. It begins with deciding whether to use UPS/FedEx or freight services, then moves on to the practicalities of boxing, palleting, and crating items to ensure they’re secure and ready for transport.

Module 3: Getting Quotes and Shipping Out Your Items focuses on the logistical aspects of freight shipping. It covers how to obtain freight quotes effectively, the pros and cons of freight pick-up versus terminal drop-off, and outlines the next steps after your items are ready to ship.

Is Flipper University a Scam?

flipper university review legit or not

Flipper University is not a scam. It’s a legit training program that teaches real methods and techniques for flipping items by listing them online.

The founders of this course have a lot of experience with flipping items themselves. They don’t just teach stuff that came to them in a dream.

Rob and Melisa know how to create value and sell it for money. They know how to teach people in an organized manner.

It’s evident they’ve put a lot of effort into packaging this program. Their website, Flea Market Flipper, shows all of that.

However, that does not guarantee success in any way. You can easily end up investing in this program, putting in a lot of time and effort with minimal returns.

It’s a risk you have to consider.

As an alternative, see this below.

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How Much Does Flipper University Cost?

Flipper University Costs $497 for the Pro version or $997 for the Pro Plus version. With the cheaper option, you get cliff notes, 3 months of support, access to a group with all other members, a reseller tax guide, shipping 101 BootCamp, and a sourcing workshop.

The Pro Plus membership comes with all of that plus a four-week Freight Shipping course, and the Make Your First $1,000 Flip Challenge.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. It is contingent on going through the training and giving it a fair shot. If you can prove you did that and still failed to make any money, you can get a refund.

What I like About Flipper University

flipper university Reviews pros vs cons

1. It’s a Real Business Model. This program is suited for entrepreneurial types who have the drive and determination to succeed but lack the roadmap.

2. It’s Different. This is not your typical eCommerce training program. This one is all about product flipping.

3. You Get Group Support. Being able to connect and network with others in the field can be very valuable.

What I Don’t Like About Flipper University

1. Time-Based Limitations. You can be part of the private support group for a limited time only.

2. It’s Costly. You’re asked to pay a lot of money for information that can be found for free online.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. I think that this is not the best alternative for a beginner. On the next page, I will show you the simple system I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale online without my own products or services.

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