Dropship Unlocked Review

Welcome to my Dropship Unlocked review. Is this really the best dropshipping course in the UK, or is it just another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a high-ticket, expensive program that will supposedly help you start an online business and teach you how to leverage this little-known method called Home Turf Advantage.

It’s specifically created for UK business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

On their website, you can see a lot of positive feedback from customers, but you won’t see or hear about the people who invested in this program and did not manage to make their money back.

Lewis Smith’s method removes the need to hold stock and comes with the competitive advantage of offering next-day delivery to customers. That’s one of the biggest hurdles eCommerce store owners face.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Dropship Unlocked Review Summary

Product Name: Dropship Unlocked

Product Owner: Lewis Smith

Product Type: Dropshipping Course

Product Price: £3,000+

Overall Score: 45/100

Summary: This course teaches high ticket dropshipping. Nothing you can’t already find for free online. Nevertheless, the structured approach and support you can get as a potential client of Dropship Unlocked may somewhat justify the high price tag.

Apart from preparing £3K for this course, you would also have to consider a budget for your ads. That’s how you will attract clients. You would also need to invest in additional software tools.

In exchange, you will get everything you need to launch and scale a high-ticket dropshipping business in one place.

You should also know that spending money on ads to get your offers in front of interested individuals does not always equate to profit.

I can’t recommend this course to beginners who can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars to get started.

If you prefer to avoid dealing with clients, refunds, chargebacks, complaints, and paying for ads, you should consider a cost-effective alternative business model that involves promoting other people’s products and services.

What is Dropship Unlocked?

Dropship Unlocked is a training course created by Lewis Smith. It’s all about teaching you how to launch a UK dropshipping business online offering next-day delivery.

You limit your reach but increase the quality of your service.

Many potential clients will find it very appealing to know they can get their stuff as soon as the next day. 

Furthermore, you will not be buying low-cost products from China and selling them at a higher price. Instead, you will learn how to find high-quality items that you will sell for a minimum of £300.

Your target audience will be very different, which may slightly reduce your competition.

The training program is regularly updated to reflect the newest trends and methods for making money with eCommerce.

Is Dropship Unlocked a Scam?

Dropship Unlocked review legit or not

Definitely NOT. Dropship Unlocked is a legit training course designed to teach others exactly how to start and run a profitable dropshipping business online.

Lewis Smith targets people from the UK, so if you live somewhere else, it may not be the best eCommerce program for you.

I’ve reviewed another similar course called Dropship Formula, which is also focused on serving the UK market.

If it sounds like something you might benefit from, then I encourage you to take a look at it, compare the two programs, and make your own decision.

However, before you dive into dropshipping and eCommerce, you should know exactly what that means.

Since courses like Dropship Unlocked focus on the good side of this business model because they want to sell their courses, here are the top 3 biggest issues that you may end up dealing with if you decide to open up an online store.

1. Low-Profit Margins. You need to sell in large quantities if you want to stay afloat and turn your investment into profits. In other words, most of the money you make from each sale goes to the supplier of the products you’re selling. Yes, even when you’re selling more expensive items.

2. It’s Competitive.
Like most other online business models out there, dropshipping is incredibly competitive.

3. Bad Reviews Can Ruin Your Dropshipping Business.
If you’re not ready to offer exceptional customer service and deal with refunds promptly, your online business can suffer. 

4. You Are Limited to Your Geo-Location. This can restrict your reach and potentially reduce your sales. That’s why, you should focus on serving a smaller market while producing higher quality experience for your clients.

If that doesn’t sound like something you would enjoy doing, take a look at this cost-effective alternative below.

Who is Lewis Smith?

Lewis Smith youtube

He is the founder of Dropship Unlocked. Unlike other online course creators, he doesn’t seem to have a large online presence.

His YouTube channel has over 8K subscribers. It looks like he posts videos regularly, which means that you can already learn from him without paying anything.

On the other hand, he has spoken at live events like the Nomad Summit, which in my opinion, does bring a lot of credibility and shows that he knows his stuff.

He has also worked with industry leaders like Anton Kraly and Johny FD. 

What’s Inside Dropship Unlocked?

Inside Dropship Unlocked you will get access to six weeks’ worth of content that guides you through the process of setting up and launching your online business.

The six modules inside are designed in such a way that it should take you about a week to finish module one, one more for module two, and so on.

Lewis Smith suggests that you take your time and master each consecutive module before moving on to the next one.

In other words, it’s better to take longer and finish everything, rather than rush through the course curriculum and miss out on important steps that can impact your dropshipping business.

The content inside is pretty short but nevertheless packed with value and high-quality information. 

You also have a bunch of bonus content that can teach you things like the best ways to contact suppliers, unlimited access to a private Facebook group where you can hang out with other members, weekly coaching calls, live Q&A sessions, and more.

What Do Other Members Of Dropship Unlocked Say About The Program?

The reviews on platforms like Trustpilot show that most people are very positive when it comes to Dropship Unlocked. Out of 200 reviews, 94% are 5 stars. No one has given this program a one-star yet.

Sometimes, product owners can manipulate these things. However, the fact that NO one has been dissatisfied with the program can serve as evidence that Lewis Smith tries to serve his clients as best as he can.

What I Like About Dropship Unlocked

Dropship Unlocked review pros vs cons

1. You Will Learn How to Sell High Ticket Items. This can remove one of the main problems that come with dropshipping, which is the low-profit margins. You can easily land a few big sales per month and end up profitable. This can, however, make it more difficult to sell your products, because you need to establish a level of trust with your audience before they decide to part ways with their hard-earned money.

2. Fast Delivery Times.
Since you will learn how to deal with suppliers from the UK, you won’t have to worry about slow delivery times and you can offer next day delivery as an option for your clients.

3. Live Coaching Sessions.
There is a strong emphasis on the live weekly sessions. This can be very beneficial because you will see Lewis Smith talking about things that are currently working in the dropshipping business.

What I Don’t Like About Dropship Unlocked

1. It’s Expensive. The price tag of Dropship Unlocked is expensive, especially when you compare it to other training programs out there that teach you similar things. If you can afford the course, and you don’t mind spending money upfront for things like running ads and hiring virtual assistants when you decide to scale, then you may benefit from this course.

2. There’s a Screening Process.
It’s supposedly there to filter through potential members and give access only to those that qualify. In reality, only people that can’t afford to pay for it will be declined to join. I’ve seen this sort of thing way too many times with other high ticket programs and services. In most cases, people just need that extra push to commit to investing a lot of money upfront, which is what the sales force on the other side of the call is for.

3. Not For Beginners.
In my opinion, spending that much money to get started is definitely not for beginners. Especially when you consider the fact that there are other alternatives out there that can help you get started and remove many of the hurdles that come with high ticket dropshipping. 

4. It Can Take Time to Establish Trust.
Since you’re selling expensive products and services, you need to work extra hard on creating a brand that people know and trust. Most people will steer away from paying a lot of money to an online store they know nothing about. 

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you know that dropshipping is a business model that you will enjoy tackling, and you don’t mind investing a lot of money to get started, then you can definitely benefit from Dropship Unlocked. Lewis Smith does know what he is talking about when it comes to teaching about dropshipping. 

However, if you’re a beginner just getting started, I think that there are better alternatives that won’t cost nearly as much to get started and you won’t have to deal with things like bad reviews, customer complaints, customer service, paying for ads to get exposure, etc.

I believe that connecting with companies and organizations that already have a solid reputation online and promoting their stuff in exchange for commissions is the best alternative for people with no prior online experience. 

Using the above-mentioned business model and the 4 step system that you will see on the next page, I was able to land multiple high-ticket sales from products I don’t even own. Below, you can see my earnings from a SINGLE sale.

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