Do Deals With Me Review (Clever Investor)

Cody Sperber wants to partner with you. He is so confident in his program that he guarantees you will make a sale within the next 30 days. This Do Deals With Me review will show you exactly what to expect from this real estate coaching program.

Cody, also known as the Clever Investor, claims he has helped thousands of students do their first quick flip deal. Are you going to be the next one?

Cody Sperber

Here’s what you need to know. This is a training program for newbies and inexperienced individuals.

It will teach you the basics of real estate and give you a competitive edge over others by allowing you to partner with Cody Sperber and his team.

They will close your deals for you in exchange for a percentage of the profit. All you have to do is find motivated sellers and pass them on to the sales team.

Do Deals With Me Review Summary

Product Name: Do Deals With Me

Product Owner: Cody Sperber

Product Type: Real Estate Partnership & Training Program

Product Price: $97 One Time or $97/month

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone

Summary: This is Cody Sperber’s flagship program. Unlike traditional real estate courses, this one offers a very UNIQUE service.

The opportunity to work with the team inside Do Deals With Me and get them to close your deals is very real here. In exchange, they will take most of the profits.

You can get up to 50% share of the revenue. This is NOT mandatory, and you can always get what you learn and do your own thing with it.

However, if you’re new to this business model, then maybe partnering with Cody Sperber is the correct move. This is a very ACTIVE way to start making money.

You will have to ALWAYS be on the lookout for new deals. Being a good negotiator will become an ESSENTIAL skill for you to master.

In my opinion, there is a better, more passive approach to creating a highly profitable business from home.

What is Do Deals With Me?

Do Deals With Me is a program created for real estate enthusiasts and people that have already seen some success with this business model.

Your membership comes with an investing system, Quick Flip For Big Profits course, negotiation and influence course, free house formula course, automated deal-finding software, and 30 days of free Clever Investor Pro. 

You also get access to a community of like-minded individuals. It’s hosted on Facebook and you can join when you become a paying member of Cody Sperber’s program.

There is support available and live Q & A’s every week held by expert real estate investors. Finally, you will learn different lead-generation techniques. Some of them will require solid monetary investments.

Your main source of traffic (web users) will be Facebook, which means that you will become very familiar with the platform.

Is Do Deals With Me a Scam?

Do Deals With Me is NOT a scam program. It’s a legit course that consists of video lessons and high-quality training content.

One thing that, perhaps, may not have been clear in Cody Sperber’s sales video is that if you want to work with Cody and the team, you will have to pay $97 each consecutive month.

This will give you access to the private Facebook group, weekly group calls, and ongoing training. Cody mentions that hard work and effort are essential for your success. He does not want lazy and unmotivated people.

If you are a go-getter and you don’t mind learning skills such as negotiating, sales, and marketing, you’re not easily discouraged when you get rejected, and you don’t mind communicating with people on a high level, then Cody’s program may be for you.

In this industry, most people will say no to you. You will have to be pushy at times. If you prefer to avoid all of that, you can see this laid-back alternative below.

It will show you the simple system I’m using to make a full-time income online on a semi-passive basis.

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How Much Does Do Deals With Me Cost?

Do Deals With Me costs a one-time fee of $97. However, if you want to keep access to certain features of the program, you will have to keep paying $97 every single month.

On top of that, you will likely end up learning how to spend money on Facebook ads and other social media ads. This can set you back even further.

Can You Get a Refund?

money back guarantee

Yes. There is a 30-day no questions asked guarantee. This significantly reduces some risks.

What I Like About Do Deals With Me

1. Low-Cost Offer. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to access the contents of this program. This is definitely a good thing.

2. Cody Sperber is Legit.
He has REAL experience in the industry and knows what it takes to make money. He also has tons of experience with helping others achieve similar levels of success as him.

3. There Are No Strings Attached To The Refund Policy. Some refund policies come with conditions and things you need to do to apply for a refund. Most of the time, people never get their money back. With this particular program, the policy is as straightforward as it gets.

What I Don’t Like About Do Deals With Me

1. It Sounds Easier Than It Is. Cody Sperber presents the entire opportunity as something way easier than it is. Most people that get involved with this business model will probably NOT make money.

2. You Will Have to Spend Money On Ads.
Getting traffic can be costly. If you’re not careful, you can burn through a lot of money fast.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners.
In my opinion, there is a better way to start a profitable online business. On the next page, I will show you the simple system I’m using to earn a full-time income from home. On semi-automation. 

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