Commission Seeker Review

Welcome to my Commission Seeker review.

If you’ve seen the sales page, you may be wondering if you can really learn how to make $186 in a day, without a website or an email list. 

Apparently, anyone can implement this newbie-friendly method without having to put the effort into creating videos, blog articles, or any other form of content creation. 

Let me be completely transparent by letting you know up front that I’m not affiliated with Commission Seeker in any way or form whatsoever. 

This unbiased review is based solely on my own personal opinion of the product.

With that being said, I will show you exactly what to expect inside Commission Seeker, and let you in on this “underrated” method that Cynthia Benitez is talking about in her product sales page.

I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. 

Ready? Let’s get started…

Commission Seeker Review Summary

Product Name: Commission Seeker

Product Type: Make Money Online Training

Product Owner: Cynthia Benitez

Product Price: $11.95 + Upsells

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Overall Score: 55/100

Summary: Commission Seeker is a training by Cynthia Benitez which shows you how to use influencer marketing and Youtube together.

This method is proven to work by Cynthia herself, as she has a case study, where you can see her results with it. 

This works, and you can make $100+ a day with what’s being taught inside.

The catch is that you would have to pay these influencers in order to get them to promote your affiliate links to earn commission payments for yourself.

It’s a bit like paying for ads, to get more people to see your offers, and generate more sales. 

This method is really not that popular, and many people avoid doing it and prefer to stick to Instagram or Facebook.

With Commission Seeker you can learn how to leverage Youtube to get more people seeing your offer without showing your face or anything else.

The thing that I don’t like about this program is that you have to rely on these influencers to promote your content for you.

If they decided to charge you more, there’s really nothing you can do. Your income is entirely dependant on these influencers.

My own approach is by earning passive income online, leveraging search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get free web visitors to my offers.

This allows me to take full control of my affiliate product exposure rate, and I don’t have to keep paying money out of my own pocket to get more people to see my offers.

What is Commission Seeker?

Commission Seeker shows you a method of getting exposure to your affiliate links without having to create any form of content. It’s really easy to do, and it does not require much effort in the first place. 

You will learn how to find Youtube channels, and people who are willing to promote your offers, and how to connect the right offers to the right people.

Cynthia doesn’t really explain what the exact method is all about on the sales page. Rather, she tells you what it’s not.

This can leave you guessing, and you won’t really know what you’re buying unless you get it. 

That’s why I’ve decided to let you know what it’s all about before you buy it. In order to help you fully understand what’s inside Commission Seeker, then you should go through this review now.

Is Commission Seeker a Scam?

commission seeker review legit or not

No, Commission Seeker is not a scam. It shows you a legit method of making $100+ a day, but the catch is that some of it (maybe a lot) will go back to these Youtube influencers IF you want to keep doing what’s being taught inside, over, and over again. 

The method that’s inside does not require that you have a website or build an email list. While this can remove some of the initial work that you would have to put into a traditional affiliate marketing business, at the same time, this can limit your earnings potential.

Things like getting free traffic (web visitors) to your affiliate offers can be difficult and almost impossible, and since that’s where I get all my traffic from, I can’t really say that this method is long-lasting and sustainable.

Who Created Commission Seeker?

Commission Seeker was created by Cynthia Benitez. She has a few other digital products like Boss Secrets and InstaJackpot.

She has been in this game for a couple of years now, and so far, her reputation is really good. She is known to deliver high-quality products with lots of value. 

That’s always a good sign, especially when you buy “make money online” products from affiliate networks such as WarriorPlus. 

When the product owner has a solid reputation online, people will be more inclined into buying it, because they know that the source is legitimate and trustworthy.

In this online world that’s filled with scams and low-quality programs, being able to provide something truly valuable and worthwhile can get you a long way.

What’s Inside Commission Seeker?

Once inside Commission Seeker, you will be able to access training that consists of 10 modules. Let’s do a breakdown on each one, and see what they’re all about.

Module #1 – Welcome

This module is all about welcoming you into the member area. It shows you what you will be learning about, and you will be able to see Cynthia’s results using this method that she is teaching in Commission Seeker.

Module #2 – Overview

Here, you will get to see an overview of the entire program. You will be shown how to navigate through the program, in order to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Module #3 – Account Setup

You will learn how to set up your account in order to look presentable, and ready to connect with Youtube influencers that have a lot of followers.

Module #4 – The Research

The next video is all about doing your niche research, and finding out who the top influencers in your area are.

Module #5 – The Research Part Two

This is the second part of your research journey, where Cynthia goes in-depth into all the details that you need to adhere to in order to do good research. 

Module #6 – The Contact

After you’ve located the top influencers and have followed along with the training so far, it’s now time to do the initial contact.

Cynthia shows you exactly how to approach contacting Youtube channel owners in the most efficient way.

Module #7 – The Waiting

After you’ve sent out your message, it’s time to wait for a response. 

Module #8 – The Agreement

When you get a Youtube channel owner to respond, the next logical step is to create some sort of agreement that would be mutually beneficial to both parties involved. Cynthia will show you how to do that as well.

Module #9 – The Result 

After everything between you and the Youtube influencer is set up, now it’s time to see the results and reap the benefits of your efforts.

Module #10 – Conclusion 

This is the final video of the training series. It basically summarises everything covered so far, and focuses on what you need to do in order to repeat the same results over, and over again.

Apart from these 10 training modules, you will get a bunch of bonus products, as a direct offer from Cynthia to anyone who decides to become part of Commission Seeker.

Bonus #1 – Best Way To Make Money Online in 2020

In this bonus, Cynthia will show you her most preferred method of earning money online.

Bonus #2 – Build a List Fast

This bonus is all about email marketing, and it shows you how to build, and grow an email list fast.

Bonus #3 – How To Make Money Online for Free

In this bonus, Cynthia reveals her own methods of making money online for free, without paying for exposure online, running ads, or anything like that.

Bonus #4 – The Freebie Page

This bonus is being offered in Cynthia Benitez’s other product, Boss Secrets too, and it’s a page that can give you access to over 30 PLR digital products, videos, ebooks, and software that you can use to bribe your audience

Commission Seeker Price, Upsells & Refunds

Commission seeker comes with a price tag of $11.95, and with that investment, you get access to all the 10 modules that I mentioned earlier.

Apart from that, there’s a bunch of additional upsells that can further increase your chances of success with this program.

However, they are not mandatory, and it’s entirely up to you to decide if you want them or not.

Upsell #1 – Commission Seeker Advanced Strategies ($17)

You can learn about some basic, and advanced methods of making money online that are different from what you’ve seen with this product so far.

Upsell #2 – Commission Seeker Rolodex ($37)

In this upsell, Cynthia will give you all her premium resources that she is using to accelerate her earnings online, so you don’t have to research and try things out yourself. 

Upsell #3 – Commission Seeker Reseller Rights ($67)

This upsell will let you sell, and promote this product as your own, keeping all of the earnings for yourself for the main product and all the extra upsells too.

Upsell #4 – Coaching ($197)

With this one, you can get personal coaching and mentorship from Cynthia about anything related to online marketing and making money through the internet.

As for a refund, you can get one for up to 30 days after your initial purchase. Unless it specifically says that you can get your money back on each individual upsell, it’s safe to assume that there’s no refund on them.

What I Like About Commission Seeker

commission seeker review pros vs cons

1. The Training is Legit. The method being taught inside Commission Seeker is something that is proven to work for people, so it’s definitely something that can help people earn some money on the side.

2. It’s Created By a Real Person. The fact that Cynthia is a real person and not some con artist, speaks a lot.

If she is willing to back up her products, then she is confident enough that they are of high quality. This can give a lot of people reassurance when they question the credibility of this training program.

3. There’s a Refund.
Even with the low price tag of $11.95, you can still ask for a refund on Commission Seeker and get your money back, as long as it is within the given time frame.

What I Don’t Like About Commission Seeker

1. You Can End Up Spending Money Upfront. This method may get you to pay Youtuber channel owners to advertise your affiliate links for you.

That means that you should always strive to earn more than what you spend, and if you don’t choose the right offers to promote, you can end up losing a lot of money upfront.

2. There are Upsells. Even though they are not really mandatory, and you can still get a lot of value even without them, I just don’t like upsells.

That’s because people don’t really get to learn about them until they’ve bought the product or service of choice.

I’ve seen products that are just a big sales funnel offering you one expensive service after the other, and constantly showering you with useless promotional stuff.

3. It’s Not Sustainable
. In my opinion, this method of earning money online is not something that you can rely on to make a full-time income for a long time.

The reason I’m saying this is because you will constantly have to rely on getting exposure to your affiliate offers from these youtube influencers.

Not to mention that by not having your own website, or building your own email list, you lose out on a lot of potential sales.

There’s no point avoiding this because nowadays it’s become extremely easy to build a website without having to know anything about programming, website design, or anything like that.

You don’t even have to be a techy person. If you truly realized how easy it is to create your website, and how much more BENEFICIAL can this be for your online earnings, then you would be looking for ways to build one fast.

Do I Recommend Commission Seeker?

Not really, and here’s why. The training quality is very high, I’ve got nothing against that. In fact, compared to the many other low-quality products in the make money online niche that are inside WarriorPlus, this one really stands out.

The thing is that this method can be suitable for those interested in earning income by paying Youtube channel owners to promote your affiliate links through their videos. 

This can bring some cash for you, but you would have to invest some upfront, and when you stop paying, you will stop getting traffic, sales, and conversions to your affiliate offers.

This can limit your earning potential by a lot. Since I’m a big fan of earning passive income online, I have to say that there are better alternatives to earning a full-time income online.

If making money while you sleep sounds interesting to you, then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect, and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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