Codie Sanchez Review – What’s Her Net Worth?

In 2024, Codie Sanchez has a net worth of over $17M. She runs a podcast called BigDeal, which has 6.5K subscribers.

That’s relatively small compared to her main YouTube channel, with over 1.11M subscribers. Codie is also the founder of Contrarian Thinking, a program dedicated to helping people start new businesses and make more money.

It has over 3 million followers across all social media channels.

She is very well-known in the online finance space as a mentor, public speaker, educator, and expert.

One of the most remarkable things about Codie Sanchez is the fact that she owns 27 businesses that have collectively generated over $50M in sales.

Codie Sanchez

Amongst all of these remarkable achievements, she is also an investor in what she calls “boring businesses”.

These are stable, not-so-complex ventures with good potential for a steady income. Think laundromats or car washes.

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Taking a Closer Look at Codie Sanchez’ Portfolio

One of the things that Codie Sanchez did to achieve her wealth was to use a framework she calls “gateway drug businesses” to identify businesses to invest in that have low capital requirements and high margin potential.

Her portfolio includes about 2% in cryptocurrencies, 20% – 30% in real estate, and the rest is split between private companies and various funds.

How Did Codie Sanchez Get Started?

Codie Sanchez started as a journalist. That’s what she decided to pursue after graduating from college one year early.

She did that for a couple of years until she switched over to finance, investment, and entrepreneurship.

She began investing in various ventures and started to manage multiple asset management companies for 13 – 14 years.

She gathered a lot of experience during that time, particularly during the great financial crisis.

Codie called it a learning-rich period. In 2020, she founded Contrarian Thinking.

In her own words, she created the company due to the lack of critical thinking in society. The platform first started as a blog with content on topics like critical thinking, financial success, and freedom.

Over time, it changed into a more structured business with multiple entry points.

Codie’s experience in journalism, finance, and as an entrepreneur helped her develop a unique approach to business that’s responsible for her incredible wealth today.

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What is Codie Sanchez’ Net Worth?

Codie Sanchez’ net worth is over $17M. That’s calculated from her combined streams of income, including YouTube ad revenue, sponsorships, investments, multiple businesses, course and program sales, brand advancements, and a large portfolio.

She is also involved in consulting and charges high ticket premium prices. These are the revenue streams that Codie has disclosed online.

Her net worth may include even more income streams.

What Can You Learn From Codie Sanchez?

Codie Sanchez can teach us a lot of things. Her core principles, if summarized, will cover the following:

1. Embrace Contrarian Thinking. She often emphasizes the importance of questioning conventional wisdom to uncover often overlooked paths.

2. Financial Literacy and Independence Are Very Valuable. Financial education is one of the main reasons Codie Sanchez has managed to achieve such significant wealth.

3. Diversify. Without diversifying your income stream, you risk losing everything at once. Don’t put everything in one basket.

4. Invest in “Boring Businesses”. These are businesses with very low risk attached to them and a steady potential for income.

5. Horizontal Income. Horizontal income is what Codie calls passive income, and vertical income is active income. In her own words, it’s important to create streams of income that do not require active daily involvement.

6. Start Small and Practical. Her “Gateway drug businesses” framework tells you to start with small, understandable, and manageable investments.

7. Critical Thinking & Financial Success. Both of these are connected. Analyzing situations, challenging norms, and thinking for yourself are crucial for your financial success.

Codie Sanchez and her net worth are tied very closely to her ability to spot opportunities and take advantage of them. Regardless of the sector.

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