Authority Accelerator Review

Welcome to my Authority Accelerator review. Can Sunny Lenarduzzi really help you make money online by teaching you how to create your own courses, or is this just another well-crafted scam designed to squeeze you dry like a lemon?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a very expensive course, which means that you can stumble on biased reviews that praise it like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet without providing you with any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision.

In my experience, similar courses come with hyped up marketing. It’s never as easy as advertised. If you were left with that impression, I would suggest to think again.

Don’t get tricked into assuming that this program is a no brainer or that success is guarneed. It’s not.

I would like to point out that I’m not affiliated with Authority Accelerator or Sunny Lenarduzzi in any way or form, so I won’t be offering a thousand low-quality ebooks as a bonus for joining through my links (because there aren’t any).

This is the most brutally honest, in-depth review that you will come across.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Authority Accelerator Review Summary

Product Name: Authority Accelerator

Product Owner: Sunny Lenarduzzi

Product Type: Course Creation Training Program

Product Price: $5,000 or 4 Monthly Payments of $1,250

Overall Score: 55/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Authority Accelerator is a high-ticket training program that is designed to teach you how to build and market your own course leveraging Youtube for free traffic (web users) generation.

The idea behind this training is good, but the overall price is hefty, and there are a few user reviews claiming how confusing or even misleading this training course can be.

The recruitment process is designed to make you buy based on your emotions rather than logic, and that’s not a good thing in my opinion.

Especially when the price tag is more than the average person’s monthly rent.

On the upside, Sunny Lenarduzzi can show you how to get into the eLearning business model, which is booming.

There is definitely a good chance that you can become successful in selling and promoting your own courses, especially if you are an expert in your respective industry.

Just like any other business opportunity online or offline, there is an attached risk to every investment that you make.

Even with the BEST training course, there are no guarantees that you will be successful. If you are okay with that risk, then maybe you can benefit from Authority Accelerator.

Creating your own course comes with additional responsibilities such as dealing with customer service, issuing refunds, and more.

You also have to make sure that your training course stays up to date at all times, and these things can be very time-consuming.

If you don’t want to deal with any of that, then you can learn how to create an online business promoting other people’s products and services, by taking a look at this cost-effective alternative below.

What is Authority Accelerator?

It’s a training course that consists of 10 modules that are labeled as ”weeks’ and they cover everything that you need to know about creating an online business that revolves around selling your own course in the eLearning industry.

Just in case you’re on the fence about making that appointment, you will get bombarded with a bunch of emails that are designed to convince you to go through with it.

Here’s what to expect, if you do decide to talk with a representative of Sunny Lenarduzzi’s training course.

What To Expect On Your Authority Accelerator Call

The call is going to last up to 45 minutes, and the sales representative will start off by finding out more about your current business (if applicable) and making sure that you are suitable to join this course.

Once the sales representative knows more about you and your business, that’s where the real selling begins.

According to this Reddit thread, the person on the other side of the call, will focus more on your emotions, by asking questions such as “if you could wave a magic wand and have your ideal situation 6 months from now, what would it look like?” in order to get you hyped up, thinking that Authority Accelerator is the one and the only solution to all of your problems.

Apparently, selling online courses is far more effective if you focus on people’s emotions, rather than logic and good reasoning.

If you end up buying this course, you will get access to the exact same script that Sunny Lenarduzzi’s sales team is using to recruit people into her training program.

Is Authority Accelerator a Scam?

Authority Accelerator review legit or not

No, it’s not. Authority Accelerator is a legit training course that can teach you how to sell online courses, as an expert in your industry. There are some things that you need to know before you decide to buy this course.

Ask yourself, do you consider yourself an expert in your industry, and do you think that you can deliver enough value to those that end up buying your courses? 

Are you okay with having your name and face as your brand? Furthermore, you have to be willing to invest the time and energy into being able to help your students at all times.

Being a course owner means that you will have to own a dedicated support group, (probably on Facebook), where you will be showered with questions and asked for help, all the time. 

The only way to avoid that is by outsourcing your own workforce and paying others to handle all the customer service, customer complaints, and refunds on your behalf. There is a lot of management involved with creating and selling your own online course. 

If you don’t think that this is the right solution for you, then you can explore alternative options, like creating your own passive stream of income by promoting other people’s products. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Who Created Authority Accelerator?

Sunny Lenarduzzi is behind this training course. She is well known on Youtube for her free traffic generation methods using that platform. She is an expert in video marketing and has helped a lot of business owners to get more exposure by using Youtube.

sunny lenarduzzi youtube channel

With more than 490K subscribers, it’s definitely safe to say that she knows a thing or two about creating videos, and generating views. In other words, she is more than qualified to teach others how to dominate Youtube. 

What’s Inside Authority Accelerator?

You will get access to in-depth training that can show you exactly how to create your own course, and how to market it by leveraging social media platforms such as Youtube, without paying for any traffic.

It’s all done using organic content promotion, and lead generation which means that you don’t have to spend anything on running paid ads.

In other words, you can earn revenue from your efforts for a long time when you create and upload your content. You will get access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with other members of this course.

Furthermore, you can interact with Sunny Lenarduzzi and her team via their weekly group calls. They are held every Tuesday and Wednesday. The content inside Authority Accelerator is divided into 10 weeks. It can be broken down into 4 main phases and they are as follows:

Test Phase

This is where you will learn about the 30 Day Cashflow Action Plan. It covers essential things that you need to start, such as finding and establishing the perfect niche for your industry.

When you narrow down on your niche market, you increase your chances of becoming profitable. That’s because you can easily speak to a specific audience, and show them that you have exactly what they need.

Once you establish your foundation, Sunny Lenarduzzi will go through a bunch of sales tactics. You will learn how to apply tactics that will trigger people’s emotions, and get them to make a purchase that’s based on their feelings.

There are a whole bunch of scripts, and documents that can help you with your sales.

Part of the test phases requires that you do cold outreach, and connect with people all over social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Basically, this means that you will be direct messaging complete strangers. Your main goal will be to do whatever you can to convince them to buy your course.

The purpose of this is to find out what tactics work best for you so that you know exactly what to focus on once you’ve created your course.

Build Phase

This phase is all about teaching you how to set up your sales funnels, and how to build an irresistible offer.

Once you setup the entire system in place, the only thing left is to secure traffic to your offers. If you’ve done everything the right way, a lot of people are going to see your offer and go through your funnels. 

Accelerate Phase

The good thing about this training is that, in order to help you build your course, and attract more people, you will get access to one of Sunny Lenarduzzi’s other courses called, Youtube For Bosses. It’s all about growing a Youtube channel with organic methods, which means that it can be a very good addition to Authority Accelerator.

This part of the training covers everything that you need to know about Youtube channels, content creation, and how to make sure that more people see your videos.

On top of that, you will learn how to monetize your channel by implementing Adsence into your content, so that each time someone sees an ad, you get paid for it.

This can be a good passive stream of income, but you will start seeing some good results after you manage to generate a big audience.

Scale Phase

In order to successfully scale and grow your business, you need to free yourself from the daily tasks that are needed to maintain your current flow of income. This can be done by outsourcing your work and paying others to do it for you.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered here, because you will want people that know what they are doing, otherwise your risk losing a lot of money. 

The scaling phase will show you how to set up payments for your course, how to create legally binding contracts, and how to set up everything else that’s needed to ensure that you are running a legitimate business.

How Much Does Authority Accelerator Cost?

The only way to find out how much this course cost is by going through the sales call that can be scheduled on Authority Accelerator’s sales page. Luckily, you don’t need to do that because I can tell you that the price for this course is $5,000.

You can also pay with 4 separate monthly installments of $1,250. Sunny Lenarduzzi is very good at implementing sales, and marketing tactics, that’s why they will make you feel special by telling you that the full price for this course is $6,000, but for you, they can make an exception.

It’s important to remember that once you end up talking with a team member of Authority Accelerator, to discuss the price and everything else that this course can do for you and your business, they will do whatever they can to get you to buy it.

That’s because these salespeople, earn money from each sale that they manage to generate, so even if you say no to them, don’t expect that they will just give up on you. 

Inside this course, there is an entire script focused on objections, and how to handle them, so you can be sure that they will try to persuade you into buying. 

Can You Stop Your Monthly Payments on Authority Accelerator?

Yes, you can. The team behind Authority Accelerator and Sunny Lenarduzzi are understanding when it comes to these things.

In the event that you end up paying your first, second, or third monthly payment, but can’t afford to continue, just let them know.

They will offer you to either cancel your membership in full or to pause your membership, and open it up again, giving you full access to everything, as soon as you are ready to continue with your payments.

What Do Students of Authority Accelerator Say About The Program?

A lot of students seem very happy with their purchase of the program. Charlie Jordan in the fitness niche used to struggle with consistency. After enrolling, she understood that doubling her prices was the way to go.

Cora-Lynn Hazelwood in the web design niche was working 80 hours per week designing websites for others.

She was able to free a lot of her time and automate many of the day to day operations thanks to Sunny.

Geoffrey Setiawan started as a complete beginner. Now, he makes $100K per month.

There are no Trustpilot reviews on Authority Accelerator and most user comments seem very positive.

In my 5+ years of experience in buying and reviewing similar courses, I’ve come to the conclusion that no negative press usually means one of two things.

Either the team work really hard to remove all negative mentions about their brand, or the program has no significant reach and not a lot of customers.

What I Like About Authority Accelerator

authority accelerator review pros vs cons

1. Legit Business Model. You will learn how to tap into the eLearning industry which is growing by the day. People are buying training courses more than ever before, and no matter what you’re niche is, it’s definitely safe to say that there is potential in this business model.

2. You Will Learn Free Traffic Generation Methods
. The main focus is going to be free traffic through video creation, which is also a good thing to learn, in my opinion.

3. You Get Support All The Way. It looks like, you can get help whenever you get stuck with something, and the support team is there to help you out every step of the way.

What I Don’t Like About Authority Accelerator

1. It’s Too Risky. I’m only saying this because of the price tag. It’s so big that if you end up failing, or giving up, you will lose a ton of money.

2. They Use Emotional Buying Triggers
. This may be considered a bad thing because we all know that when someone is emotional, they do not make the best decisions. In this case, this can mean investing thousands of dollars for something, without being fully aware of what you are actually getting yourself into.

3. It’s Not Beginner Friendly. This course is designed for people that are already running some kind of a business in the offline world, and want to take things one step further by diving into the online side of things. At the very least, you should consider yourself an expert on a topic. That’s the only way that you can transfer your knowledge onto a legitimate course that people would be willing to pay money for.

My Recommendation

If you don’t mind the risk of investing $5,000 without getting them back, then you can approach this business opportunity with confidence.

No one can guarantee that you will make money online regardless of the quality of the training that you are getting.

Success is determined by a lot of things, which means that there is always a risk involved when you invest money to make money.

Too many people expect that they will instantly become profitable as soon as they buy a high ticket course or program, and end up being disappointed when they realize the cold hard truth.

Success can happen, but it almost never comes easy. In other words, you need to work hard and smart. Only then, there is a chance that you will become profitable.

My recommendation is that you don’t spend your money unless you are truly aware of what you’re going into. Hopefully, after going through this review, you can make an educated decision about Authority Accelerator and what it can really do for you.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then I can show you how to earn passive income by promoting other people’s products.

If that sounds interesting then you should see how people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that most neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever. Don’t be like most people.

9 thoughts on “Authority Accelerator Review”

  1. Im in the course. I did get my return on my investment after the 30 day pop but it wasn’t because of her course. I didn’t follow her 30 day pop because it was very time consuming and I knew it was a waste of time cold calling and direct spamming random people to get sign ups.

    I am confident that I would have made the same money with my course as I’ve done this before..and made exactly the same amount three years ago when I did a DIY launch that I learnt on my own.

    Here’s what I really don’t like about the course: the course is disorganized for an online course. There are too many links and separate videos to go through that are not even on the online course but buried within a checklist buried under FAQs for example. I’ve taken many courses and been mentored many times and this is one of the most disorganized courses I’ve seen. Although I made my money back, I’m not happy with the way the course is organized and there is actually very little support on how to build your course, just excel spreadsheet to build an outline,..really nothing for example for building engaging valuable course content or how to best delivery a course..once the meat is the value in your course. It’s disconcerting.

    If you are an action taker and go getter, that doesn’t need expensive handholding but just some guidance, I suggest a cheaper online course that teaches you how to build an online course using YouTube to market yourself and building a sales webinar funnel is the better value for money. Or read some books.

    As for the ‘lifetime coaching’…The weekly sessions, the students ask the same questions over and over again. A significant improvement could be providing a regular cadence based on a theme or live demos or mini’s all over the place with the weekly calls and quite repetitive that I suspect a lot people end up not attending like me.

    And the Facebook group, although supportive is very hypey/fluffy and a lot of her longer term students that are now on YouTube..I noticed end up paying for google Adsense, Facebook ads..basically a lot of advertising to get more sales..which I find odd..I thought it was ever green and organic.

    And the note book, welcome package you get is actually very cheaply made. The cup is nice but rest is cheap for a $5k usd or 7.5k cad course.

    Lastly, she’s Canadian, living in Canada and I think she should charge Canadian prices for Canadian students..but instead you have to pay US prices. That I felt was wrong and greedy especially during covid.

    And there’s no I know why.

    As for vetting: they do not prequalify you to see if you are the right fit. The script they use is the exact script they teach all students to use for their own courses. They only want your money and worst part, they pressure you to pay on the spot in the sales call. A high pressure tactic like that is RED FLAG.

    If they are truly a valuable course, they shouldn’t need to resort to high pressure tactics and should always offer a refund because they are confident with the results/outcome and stand by it.

    In summary, here’s is sunnys course to save you $5k USD:
    1) interview 50 people of your ideal client and learn about what they are struggling with to help you figure out a course offering and ‘transformation you can offer’ people pay for outcomes..not tactics
    2) build a course outline based on what you discovered in the interviews
    3) get pre sales by emailing the people you interviewed and anywhere else you feel you could help people out , charging minimum $500 to have early registrations to your course
    4) build a pilot course that you deliver live with weekly coaching to your early adopters
    5) get testimonials from your students by requesting a survey
    6) learn to YouTube based on your niche to market your expertise and win the algorithm
    7) learn to build a website, a funnel and email list worth lead magnet
    8) put your course on a learning platform and get a funnel going with webinars that are prerecorded
    9) direct your ‘leads’ from YouTube to your lead magnet and have them register for a webinar
    10) use the automated webinar to have people sign up to your course 11) rinse and repeat by growing on youtube as your marketing vehicle and attracting your ideal students to sign up for your course.
    12) up the price of your course as you improve and consider high ticket cost for life time access (warning: you will eventually want to do something more mentally stimulating after doing this for a year or two teaching/answering same stuff over and over again..this can be a life suck if you offer this)

    One positive part, you do get life time access to sunny course .. but the weekly calls are a waste of time, she doesn’t give everyone a chance to ask questions.

    If you want to do YouTube, I recommend Graham stefans YouTube course, it is much better organized and well done compared to Sunnys youTube module…and much cheaper. Graham is about adding value and Sunny is a marketing guru.

    • Thank you so much for this thorough review! I couldn’t agree more, especially with the statement “If they are truly a valuable course, they shouldn’t need to resort to high pressure tactics and should always offer a refund because they are confident with the results/outcome and stand by it.” That’s how I’ve always operated my business and have no interest in this kind of approach.

      Thanks to this article and review, I am cancelling my 4:00 interview to see whether “I’m a good fit” to give them $5,000.

  2. I 100% agree with this review. I enrolled when I was very emotionally vulnerable (covid just hit and I thought I would have to shut down my business for good). I am still glad I learned everything I did but when I enrolled the course was super disorganized and confusing. When she fixed it, it was too late for me to go back and re-watch everything. I never ended up creating my online course. Maybe I didn’t find the right audience or topic for me but in general I didn’t want to be THAT person that pressures people to sign up for their course and gets banned from every facebook group ever for trying sneaky techniques to get leads.
    Her youtube for bosses course though was much more worth it and I am making a lot of progress on my youtube channel that I would have never seen if I hadn’t taken her course. Much more affordable price too.

  3. Hi, I just read this and I’m sad to say that I am one who fell for this last year during the pandemic. I invested my entire savings into this course and I haven’t made not one cent back. I so regret this and I’m trying to reach out to her team to get at least half of my money back but no one is responding. Sunny and her team use a very good sales tactic on you to sell their course which is very bad.

  4. I was sent an email back from them after I canceled my “call with the team”. I said I wasn’t going to spend $5k, the response was ok we will keep you on our list for later but it’s not $5k it’s actually $7k. Might just be sales tactics game. Greed always seems to prevail in business even with “good” intentions.

  5. I got to the phone call part and said I needed a few months to ruminate over purchasing it and they just said, ‘OK’. I never got pressured.

    As far as the people feeling like they are duping people, or preying on peoples emotions, what the heck do you think sales and marketing is? Have you never heard of ‘sell the sizzle not the steak?’ This is how marketing has worked since the dawn of advertising.

  6. I took her Youtube For Bosses course several years ago – poorly organised, low production quality. I got something out of it, but not enough for the $500. I paid.
    Sounds like this latest course isn’t much better and not worth the 5 -6 grand.


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