Andrew James & Oasis Review – Golden Link Lifestyle Business

Welcome to my Andrew James & The Oasis review. Is the Golden Link Lifestyle Business model a legit way to escape the traditional 9 to 5 grind or is this just a well-crafted scam designed to take your hard-earned money?

In order to help you find that out, first, you need to know who the person behind website is and what he has to offer to people like me and you.

Even though there is an affiliate marketing structure in place, let me point out that I’m not associated with Andrew James or his products and services.

That’s why I won’t be offering a thousand low-quality ebooks for joining through my links (because there aren’t any). 

Instead of trying to convince you how great it is to pay for becoming a member of the Oasis, I will break down exactly what that means and show you what the Golden Link Lifestyle Business is all about. 

This is the most brutally honest evaluation, with zero hype and exaggerations. 

Ready? Let’s get started…

The Oasis Review Summary

Product Name: Oasis

Product Owner: Andrew James

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Platform

Overall Score: 55/100

Recommended: Yes, But Not For Everyone!

Summary: The Oasis is an affiliate marketing platform that offers its own courses, and training programs.

Members can get access to an exclusive marketplace for a limited number of people, where they can promote these courses and earn commission payments as affiliates.

According to Andrew James, this is a better alternative to traditional marketplaces like ClickBank, because you will get access to HIGH-QUALITY programs only.

You can promote them, and whenever anyone makes a purchase due to your efforts, you get rewarded.

On top of that, the competition is low compared to all the other places that are open to absolutely everyone.

You will get a team of sales experts to help close every lead that you bring into the Oasis, and a bunch of done for you solutions, that can automate most of the things for you.

Before you jump right in, you should know that the luxury of being part of this unique marketplace and everything else that it has offer, comes with its risks.

The investment that you are required to make is upwards of $5K+ with ZERO guarantees that you will be able to make any money as being part of the Oasis.

This is a business opportunity and as such, it comes with its own risks, so you should only proceed forward if you are okay with that.

If you’re not willing to risk that much money, there are other, cost-effective alternatives that can teach you how to create an affiliate marketing business and earn income online.

The Golden Link Lifestyle Business is part of the Oasis business opportunity and can be summarized into the following things, that Andrew James calls the 3 levels of freedom:

– Time Freedom. You can have a profitable business and still be miserable if it’s taking away all of your time that you can otherwise use to do the things you love.

– Location Freedom. If you are stuck in the same office space for years, and years, it doesn’t sound like you have much freedom, does it? Having an online business means that you can work from anywhere in the world.

– Financial Freedom
. Being able to afford to do the things you love, is the final level of freedom. Together with Time and Location, you can achieve the Golden Link Lifestyle Business.

Here’s what you need to understand. Being able to run a profitable online business, with LITTLE time investment on your part, means that you will have to make a BIG financial investment.

The automation tools that are available, can only get you so far. There is still a lot of work that can’t be done by AI (artificial intelligence), which means that you will have to outsource that work and pay others to do it for you.

Andrew James leaves out all the guesswork from figuring out how to do all of that yourself and offers you a roadmap that you can follow to achieve the Golden Link Lifestyle Business with his membership program called the Oasis.

What Does Andrew James Have to Offer With His Oasis Platform?

Andrew James offers a platform reserved for a thousand people (according to him) that goes by the name of Oasis.

Over there you can get the chance to make money online without owning a product or service of their own, and without having to worry about customer service because their staff members will handle all of that for you.

You don’t have to worry about shipping or handling either, since every product inside that platform is digital.

Your only job is to pick one or more product offers inside the Oasis, and drive traffic (web visitors) to them using paid ads on Facebook.

There are many affiliate marketing training programs and courses out there. An example of that is the Super Affiliate Accelerator.

That’s why, in order for Andrew James to attract as many people as he can, he has taken a bit different approach to stand out from all his competitors. Here’s what you will learn inside the Oasis.

Lead Magnets For High Ticket Offers

Andrew James will teach you how to attract people that are interested in these types of offers, by using lead magnets.

That’s when you offer something of value, free of charge, in exchange for an email (lead) or some other form of contact that you can leverage later on.

The reason why this method is so effective is because people will give out their personal details only if they are interested enough in receiving that free gift, which should be highly relevant to what your main product offer is. 

Once you manage to get a lead, the sales team behind Oasis will take care of all the marketing for you, and with every lead that gets converted into a sale, you will earn anywhere from 20% to 40% of the product’s price tag. 

High Payouts Only

andrew james and oasis review high payout

Andrew James is a big fan of high ticket affiliate marketing, which means that if you become a member, you should expect to promote some very expensive courses and training programs.

This means that with a low number of sales, you can make a lot of money. That’s not necessarily a good thing because you need to be able to attract specific people. Those that can afford to pay that much for an E-learning course.

Even though Andrew says that it’s way easier to make high ticket sales than it sounds, I can’t agree with that statement. The Oasis is an affiliate marketing platform that rewards people for their performance, and if you can’t generate quality traffic, then you will lose money.

You are being taught traffic generation methods with Facebook ads, and there is no fixed science that guarantees success. Even with the best training out there, there is a high risk that you will fail.

Running paid advertisements on Facebook in the E-learning industry means that you will be competing will people that have been doing this for years on end.

I know people that have been dabbling with paid ads for over a year before they started seeing some decent ROI (return on investment). 

Is Andrew James a Scam?

Andrew James is NOT a scam. I believe that he truly cares about his students and their success. However, after watching his webinar, I have to say that he oversimplifies things, which may lead people into thinking that they can make easy money online, with little to no effort. 

His affiliate marketing training inside Oasis, can steer you in the right direction, and save you a lot of time, but it’s not going to be as easy as pushing a few buttons here and there. Facebook changes on a daily basis, and keeping up with all these changes all the time, is next to impossible. 

The Competition is Fierce

And it grows by the day, which means that even if you know how to run ad campaigns the right way, you still have to compete with all the other pros of the industry that have been doing this for way longer than you. Do you honestly think that this is going to be easy?

People do shady things all the time. Your competition clicking on your paid ads over and over, just so that YOU can lose money is a common practice.

That’s NOT something that Andrew James will ever tell you, or show you how to properly avoid.

Even if he did, there are tons of other things that you should worry about, and the only way to learn what they are is by experiencing them yourself. This is achieved through practice, trial, and error. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s impossible to become profitable by running Facebook ad campaigns on high ticket affiliate offers. Andrew James teaches a legit business model, but it’s definitely NOT as easy as he makes it seem.

Wondering what makes him qualified to teach you how to make money online? You are about to find out.

Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing From Andrew James & The Oasis?

learn affiliate marketing from andrew james how the business model looks like

Yes, you can, and here’s why. Andrew was a finance student when he realized what the future holds for him, is NOT what he wants.

He couldn’t bear the thought of having to spend most of his time stuck in some office desk, doing 40-50 hour work weeks.

He came to that realization while doing an internship with a multi-millionaire in the finance industry. The guy told Andrew that the only way to be as successful as he, was to sacrifice most of his free time and invest it into his work. 

That’s when Andrew began searching for ways to make money online. A few years went by, and after numerous attempts at becoming successful with different online business models such as drop shipping, MLM, consulting, and more, he discovered affiliate marketing. 

A short while after that, he became known as a super affiliate, which meant that he was generating more than $10K a month with affiliate marketing.

As more and more people kept insisting that he reveals his methods, he decided to create the Oasis. A place where aspiring entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers can find high-quality products in the E-learning industry to promote. 

How Much Does it Cost To Join The Oasis?

The price for the Oasis membership will vary from person to person. In order to find out how much it will cost, you need to schedule a call with their sales team.

They will ask you a bunch of questions and based on your answers, they will tell you how much you have to pay.

In other words, the price tag is personalized and different for everyone. Since this is a high ticket offer, and they will go through a sales call with you, it’s definitely safe to say that you will be charged at least $5,000 for the Oasis membership. 

What I Like About The Oasis

andrew james and the oasis review pros vs cons

1. It Has Limited Spots. This is a good thing because the people competing with each other inside the platform are not that many. In other words, this makes it a bit easier to generate sales.

2. Andrew James is Legit
. He is a REAL entrepreneur, that knows what it’s like to run affiliate marketing promotions, and make money from that. This makes him qualified to teach others how to do it too.

3. The Entire Business Model Can Be Automated and Outsourced. This means that there is a way to achieve the Golden Link Lifestyle Business, by being able to spend only a few hours on your business and enjoy life with all that free time.

What I Don’t Like About The Oasis

1. It’s Very Expensive. Since you will be getting all kinds of automation tools, resources, and an entire sales team that will ensure to do its best to convert every lead that you bring in, it’s normal to expect paying a lot of money. There are many moving pieces that come into play here.

2. There is No Free Traffic Generation Training
. Andrew James talks about the fact that if you chase free traffic methods, you are creating your own ”golden jail cell” which means that you have to sacrifice a lot of your free time.

What he fails to share is that free traffic is less risky, and of course cheaper than paid traffic.

On top of that, it can bring you passive income, which means that you do the work once, and reap the benefits of it for a long time, without paying for exposure or anything like that.

Once you become profitable with free traffic, you can always outsource it, and pay for someone else to do the ”heavy lifting” for you. 

3. Ongoing Costs. You will be dealing with Facebook ads, which means that you have to constantly throw money at your campaigns to bring in leads, and results.

The moment that you stop paying for ads, is when you will stop getting results. It’s a pay to play model, and that’s not something that I recommend, especially for beginners.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that you don’t spend over $5K for the Oasis unless you are willing to risk losing that money.

You should also be aware that your membership price is just the beginning, and you will be asked to spend more on things like ads, additional software tools, and resources. 

This is a high ticket affiliate marketing training program that teaches you traffic generation methods with paid traffic.

I’m a big fan of passive income, and that can only be achieved through free, organic traffic methods, which means that my recommendation will be to learn how to do that first.

Especially if you are a beginner, because the risks are much less, and you can start a profitable business without having to spend a ton of money upfront.

If that sounds interesting, then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint. Most people neglect it and lose out on that. Don’t be like most people.

4 thoughts on “Andrew James & Oasis Review – Golden Link Lifestyle Business”

  1. As a member of the program, I can say this is a pretty accurate review. Andrew is legit and it is a great program with a lot of potential…for the right person.

    It is not good for someone with a low budget or that expects quick, easy money. It requires someone with persistence because the ad testing phase takes time and patience.

    The program is two parts: the marketing course and the business program. They offer a payment plan to help out with the cost of the course and it does include training for organic (no ad cost) traffic.

    The course training can be used for other projects outside this program (other affiliate projects or businesses) and includes all future additions or updates to the course. Currently includes facebook and youtube with training for other traffic avenues being added.

    As with any business, joining the business program after the course does include expenses for Ad budget and tracking software.

    It’s not perfect but the Oasis team does a lot to constantly improve and help us all succeed. The private community is also very supportive and focused on growth and fostering a positive mindset.

  2. Hi Alex,

    I am looking into Oasis training but I couldn’t be more broke right now. I’d like if you could give me some recommendation on free traffic. Or any alternatives that could be better for a beginner in my situation. I have been researching affiliate marketing for 2 years now but I am stuck at creating content and also understanding all the vocabulary. Been refused by Clickbank banned from amazon affiliates and some other programs.

    There is no possibility for me to not be successful with this. I think I only need to surrender myself with the best to learn from them. Feel free to email me!

    Thanks in advance for your time loved your honest articles!

    • Hi, I’m glad you loved my honest article. If you’re looking for a cost effective alternative, I would recommend taking a look at this here. It’s how I got started with my online business. Judging by your past experience with affiliate marketing and your current situation, it could be a perfect fit for you.


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