Affiliate Nation Review

Welcome to my Affiliate Nation review. Can you really start an online business on autopilot with High Ticket Nation, or is this just another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is an expensive program, which means that you need to know if this opportunity really is for you or not. The sales video makes everything look so awesome and well worth it.

They even claim that you can get started with $0 out of pocket, which is NOT as lucrative as it may seem at first glance. Stick with me, and I will reveal exactly what that means and why you will DEFINITELY spend a decent chunk of money to get started with Affiliate Nation’s high ticket done for you program.

Let me point out that I’m not a promoter of this program, so don’t expect to get a thousand bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links. This is a brutally honest evaluation of this system, without any hype or exaggerations. 

Ready? Let’s get started…

Affiliate Nation Review Summary

Product Name: High Ticket Nation

Product Type: Done For You Affiliate Marketing Program & Training

Product Price: $5,000 – $10,000+

Product Owners: Jordan Rowse, Shane Carling, Dylan Alarie, David Trachsel, Michael Mossino & Justin Cartwright

Overall Score: 40/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: By the looks of it, the founders of this program have created something valuable that can help beginners kickstart their online business.

They believe that spotting trends early on and capitalizing on them is the way to go, and I agree with that to an extent.

The guys from Affiliate Nation have created a REAL way for beginners to get started with affiliate marketing and making money online.

However, there are a few things to consider before jumping in and buying this done for you program. You will need to be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on paid ads online and the system itself.

Since you will be tapping into a very competitive market, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to start getting sales, even with the help of experienced affiliate marketers.

This is a business investment with ZERO guarantees, which means that it comes with its own risks, and they all fall on you.

If your partnership with Affiliate Nation doesn’t turn out to be profitable, you will be the one losing money, not them. They need you to take on all the risks. 

If you are a beginner looking to earn passive income online with affiliate marketing, I think that there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives that don’t rely heavily on trends that come and go but focus more on evergreen products and services that are ALWAYS in demand.

What is Affiliate Nation?

It’s an affiliate marketing training that does most of the hard work for you and allows you to use a system that successful internet marketers are using to make money online.

According to David (the webinar presentation guy), there are 4 main components of a successful online business.

– Having a Great Product to Sell.

– Having a Sales Funnel.

– Knowing How to Generate Leads Through Digital Advertising.

– Knowing How to Close Sales.

Then, he talks more about the struggles of online business owners and how it can take you a long time to master these components. Apparently, all of that can be avoided by following the Affiliate Nation winning formula.

Here’s the thing. There are MANY ways to become a successful affiliate marketer. Here’s why I think that you do NOT need to know anything else except how to drive traffic (web users) to a high-quality offer that is proven to convert.

As an affiliate, your only job is to send people to a product or service that offers to solve a problem that they have in exchange for money.

That’s it. You don’t need to know how to close sales, and in most cases, you don’t need a sales funnel either. 

That’s because product or service owners have their own funnels and their own ways of closing sales.

Since Affiliate Nation is all about teaching you how to promote other people’s stuff, I don’t see the VALUE in spending a lot of money for getting access to these particular resources. Most product owners offer their affiliates FREE access to them.

Is Affiliate Nation a Scam?

affiliate nation review legit or not

Just because they focus on solving problems that don’t necessarily exist for affiliate marketers doesn’t mean that Affiliate Nation is a scam.

It’s way easier to simply PAY someone else to find a good offer and to do most of the hard work for you, which is what this opportunity is all about.

Helping you automate as much of your online business as possible without having to figure out how to do it yourself.

However, this means that you will end up spending way more money and thus increasing your risk of losing your investment.

Here’s something else that I personally didn’t like. I went through the entire webinar which wasn’t that long.

At the end of it, I was promised to get a free bonus that would help me land more affiliate commissions which I never got.

This is either intentional or an error on their end that they need to fix. If you’ve gone through the webinar and haven’t received your bonus, let me know in the comments section below.

As an affiliate marketer, I believe that it’s better to learn how to make money online by following your passion, not by following market trends, as Affiliate Nation suggests.

Let me put it this way. The internet is used by more than half of the world’s population. That’s over 4.6 billion people with different interests, hobbies, and spending habits. 

In other words, you WILL find people that share your passion and hobbies. You CAN learn how to monetize that, all the while having fun and enjoying yourself. 

In some cases, it’s even better if you focus on a less popular niche market simply because the competition will be far less.

You won’t have to compete with thousands of experienced digital marketers for the attention of your target audience.

That can expedite your success rate and significantly lower your ongoing expenses. Click below to learn more.

What’s Inside Affiliate Nation?

Inside Affiliate Nation, you will get access to promotional tools, resources, and training that will teach you how to run ads online in the very competitive travel niche. They’ve partnered with a company called Unify Travel Club.

It offers to let you know every time there is a discount available on luxury vacations in exchange for monthly subscription-based payments.

According to their online ads, you can earn high ticket commissions of up to $2,500 which means that you will be promoting a service that costs over $5,000.

If you do manage to generate any sales with all the resources and done for you features offered by Affiliate Nation, you will have to share your earnings with them.

Since you will be the one spending money on paid ad campaigns out of your own pocket, it’s a win-win for High Ticket Nation either way.

If you pay for the done for you services, they get to keep your money, regardless if you manage to actually onboard any clients or not. This method of doing business is very similar to another program called Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

How Much Does Affiliate Nation Cost?

At the end of the short webinar, you’re encouraged to schedule a call with one of the sales representatives of this program.

In my experience, this usually means that you will be on the phone with an experienced salesperson with one mission, and that’s to get you to buy their high ticket offer.

The only reason why they would want you to schedule that call, rather than just send you to a checkout page, is because the price is so high that you would need further convincing to make the buying decision.

Don’t expect to pay anything less than $5,000. The price could be as high as $10,000 or more.

As with many other high ticket courses and programs, you will likely be offered numerous ways to pay without actually spending any money yourself.

This can be achieved by getting PayPal credit and paying it back. Depending on your geographic location and your credit score, they may show you other ways to finance your business venture.

Does Affiliate Nation Come With a Refund Policy?

It has a 14-day money-back refund policy on all products or services inside the Affiliate Nation website.

The way I see it, you’re offered to buy a done for you system that belongs to Unify Travel Club, which means that the refund policy is probably invalid here.

What I Like About Affiliate Nation

affiliate nation review pros vs cons

1. Done For You Components. You don’t have to worry about setting sales pages or creating ad copy from scratch. It’s all done for you.

2. The Founders of Affiliate Nation Are Good Marketers.
Judging by the way they’ve presented the High Ticket Nation, I would say that they know how to create irresistible offers with good, persuasive content. 

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Nation

1. It’s Expensive. You can end up paying thousands of dollars and get little to no returns. You could, of course, end up profitable. It’s too risky, especially when I know that there are better ways to start an affiliate marketing business.

2. You Can Get Some of The Resources for Free
. At least half of the features inside Affiliate Nation can be accessed for free by becoming an affiliate for various products or services. Most product owners have an abundance of landing pages, email copy, and marketing resources that they gladly give to their affiliates without asking for any payments.

3. They Need Your Money. You will be the one doing all the ad spending. They will just give you the marketing resources. Think about it for a second. If their marketing worked every time, they wouldn’t need people like you to spend money on leads generation.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to start making money online. You don’t need a product of your own, you don’t have to buy products in bulk and pay to be stored in a warehouse somewhere, as it is with other business models, and you don’t have to deal with customer complaints or any customer service whatsoever.

The best thing about being an affiliate is that you can make a lot of money online, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to set up everything.

The entry threshold is so low, and anyone can get started regardless of their budget. In fact, you don’t have to pay any money for exposure or ads if you don’t want to.

There’s no need to make any risky investments with affiliate marketing, and you can still be profitable. That’s why, in my opinion, there are better ways to get started with this business model and achieve financial, location, and time freedom.

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