Acquisitions University Review – Is Moran Pober a Scam?

Welcome to my Acquisitions University review. Can you really learn how to buy highly profitable businesses for cents on the dollar even if you have ZERO experience, or is Moran Pober a scam artist that you should avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is an expensive training course, which means that you can easily come across biased and one-sided promoters of this program, without offering any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision.

That’s why I want to point out that I’m not affiliated with Moran Pober and his high ticket online course, so don’t expect a thousand low-quality bonuses for joining through my links.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Acquisitions University Review Summary

Product Name: Acquisitions University

Product Type: Online Training Course on Buying Businesses

Product Owner: Moran Pober

Product Price: $3,000

Overall Score: 40/100

Recommended: Not For Beginners!

Summary: If you’ve seen the webinar and you’re left with the impression that it’s VERY EASY to buy profitable businesses with small investments, then you will probably struggle a lot with becoming successful.

Just because you’re buying someone else’s hard work and years of effort does not mean that you will be a good fit to run that business and actually make money with it.

There are lots of skills that you need to acquire to get a good deal on someone else’s business and to be able to successfully manage it.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to becoming profitable, Acquisition University is not for you.

Despite all the hype and exaggerated claims, acquiring profitable companies and getting behind the ”drivers wheel” can be just as hard and intimidating as starting from scratch.

Who would be better at operating a successful business, someone that knows exactly what it takes to build one from the ground up, with lots of experience, or someone that has never been an entrepreneur in their life?

No amount of theoretical knowledge can fully prepare you for the ups and downs of being a business owner.

It’s far better to try, fail, and then get into acquisitions than to go head in, thinking that all your work has already been done for you and that all you have to do is relax on the beach and cash in your paychecks every month.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for something that may not work, you can learn how to create an online business.

I think that there are far better, beginner-friendly, and cost-effective alternatives to Moran Pober’s training course.

What is Acquisitions University?

Uni Acquisition is all about teaching you how to connect with business owners that are ready to retire, buying their business, and keeping their legacy alive.

You don’t even have to invest using your own money. You can leverage OPM ( Other People’s Money), which means finding investors, loans, etc. This can be incredibly risky or rewarding if done right.

That’s exactly why I strongly believe that before you dive into this business model, you NEED to have some hands-on entrepreneurial experience instead of solely relying on a high-ticket course that promises to help you make a ton of money.

Before you even think about buying Acquisitions University, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into, or you could risk wasting your money on something that you’re not even cut out for.

Let’s make sure that we are on the same page by breaking down exactly what it means to buy other people’s companies and why it’s not as easy as you may think.

What is Acquisition Entrepreneurship?

Acquisitions university review growing a business organically is hard

According to Score, acquisition entrepreneurship is when people apply their business-building smarts to buying and growing existing companies.

This implies that you NEED to have some experience in running your own business before you can ever hope to track down and properly take advantage of profitable opportunities.

In his webinar, Moran Pober mentions that 90% or more startups end up failing, but did you know that approximately 90% of your negotiations with company owners will NEVER get closed. In other words, you will waste most of your time trying to buy other people’s businesses.

If there are two things that you can take out of being an acquisition entrepreneur, they should be the following:

1. You Will Potentially Run That Business.
You’re not just buying a company, you’re becoming its CEO. What do you think that means? It means that acquiring the business is the BEGINNING, and there’s a lot of things that you need to do after you shake hands with the previous owner.

2. It’s Risky
. Not all acquisitions will turn out to be good investment opportunities, even if they look appealing at first. Sales revenue is the amount of money that a company makes, and profit margin is the percentage of that revenue that the company earns as profit after all expenses are calculated. Just because you see a company making a lot of money every year doesn’t GUARANTEE that it’s profitable.

Is Acquisitions University a Scam?

Acquisitions University legit or not

No, it’s not a scam. According to Moran Pober, you need to do the work to become successful with this business model, and no one will do it for you.

At the same time, I think that he is using a bunch of marketing tactics to introduce hype into his pitch to attract more buyers. That’s typical for many course owners, but it doesn’t mean that I like it.

What you have to understand is that there are many different ways to start an online business that may be more suitable for you.

If you’re not good at managing people, persuading company owners that you are a great CEO, or if you don’t want to learn any of these skills, then you can explore other ways of becoming profitable, such as Amazon FBA.

Starting your own business can be really helpful in training your entrepreneurial mindset. Even if you fail the first time around, odds are that you will be a better business owner if you have relevant experience.

Moran Pober uses successful entrepreneurs to prove his point that buying businesses is way better than starting from zero. In his webinar, he mentions that Elon Musk bought Tesla, rather than starting from scratch, which is 100% true.

However, he neglected to share that this was NOT Elon’s FIRST business venture. In fact, he started his first company, Zip2 Corporation, back in 1995, which basically means that Musk knew exactly what he was doing when he bought Tesla.

Uni Acquisitions has a bunch of reviews on websites like Trustpilot, stating how great this course is.

Even though they try to provide genuine feedback from users and members of training programs like this one, it doesn’t stop course owners from manipulating these feedback platforms.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that Moran Pober is paying for positive reviews of I’m only saying that I’ve seen other course owners do that, which means that it’s not impossible.

Some of the negative mentions on Trustpilot straight-up call Moran a scam because he steals content from Dan Pena. 

Whether that’s true or not is entirely dependant on your perspective on things. In any case, if you’ve never bought businesses before, you could probably learn useful things from his program.

Even though Moran Pober clearly states that his Acquisitions University is suitable for beginners, in my opinion, that’s not the best business model for aspiring entrepreneurs that have never owned a business before.

Many people can benefit from his training course, especially those that already know what it’s like to be a CEO. However, there are better alternatives for the inexperienced.

Who Created Acquisitions University?

Moran Pober is the founder of which is a marketplace for buying and selling small businesses. Apparently, he has been involved with 7 and 8 figure business ventures and acquisitions.

Growing up he didn’t have a lot of money, and he achieved everything through years of hard work, persistence, and dedication. After serving for 3 years in the military, Moran decided that he will not work for anyone else anymore.

His first business venture was buying and selling domains. The first business that he ever bought was an app that helped people use their phones more efficiently.

Within two years, he managed to grow that app company into a 7 figure business. After that, he decided to focus entirely on buying companies, fixing them, and increasing their revenue.

Moran Pober youtube channel

He has a Youtube channel with 27K+ Subscribers and almost 2 million views. Moran Pober’s main goal is to help acquisition entrepreneurs. He owns a private Facebook group called Business Buying Mastermind, with almost 10K members.

What Will You Learn Inside Acquisitions University?

The membership offers live Q and A sessions, access to the private community of other acquisition entrepreneurs, and a complete course on everything that you need to buy profitable companies without investing your own money.

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 main things that you will learn. They were part of the free webinar training.

Identify The Right Business Owners and Connect With Them

Your job is to find company owners that are looking to sell at a reasonably priced deal. The ideal person to work with has to be highly motivated to move on and extremely eager to sell their business.

This makes it easier to negotiate a good deal, which means that you need to be a skilled salesperson with incredible persuasive skills.

Acquisitions University will teach you how to become one, but this is definitely NOT for everyone, so choose carefully if that’s what you really want to be involved in.

Sign The Agreement

Part of the deal should be complete access to all the paperwork and documentation so that you can be fully aware of all the outgoing expenses and incoming revenue.

If there is a consistent cash flow over a period of 3 years, then it’s all good. You can proceed to sign the agreement.

If it just so happens that this business is lacking in areas that you’re experienced in, then this can be a great opportunity to scale it and increase the overall earnings once it becomes yours.

Finance The Deal

To avoid paying for the deal with your own money and going broke, you will be encouraged to contact investors, banks, or come to an agreement with the current owner.

If they are up for it, you can propose to pay in monthly installments using the company’s profits. Not everyone is going to agree to that sort of deal, which is why you need to be prepared to look for financing elsewhere.

Learn From The Business Owner

During the transition period, you should use the current business owner to show you how they do things. You should do whatever you can to ensure a handover period to maximize your chances of success with your newly bought business.

How Much Does Acquisitions University Cost?

Getting access to this training program will cost you $3,000. The price is not disclosed anywhere on the uni acquisitions website, which is why reviews like this one are helpful.

You don’t have to go through the sales call to find out how much it costs to become a member. The call is not designed to see if you qualify.

Its entire purpose is to find out if you can afford to become a member or not. If you can’t, there is a chance that you will be encouraged to find the money by ”being resourceful” which is not something that I find appealing. It indicates that all they’re after is your money, regardless of how you acquire them.

What I Like About Acquisitions University

Acquisitions University pros vs cons

1. The Business Model is Different in a Good Way. Many online Gurus have the same training programs that are basically rehashed versions of one another. I’ve barely seen anyone teach how to buy existing businesses.

2. It’s Sustainable.
 If you have the capital and you’re fine with all the risks that come along with investing in a similar venture, then there is a real chance to create something long-lasting and sustainable.

What I Don’t Like About Acquisitions University

1. It’s Hyped Up. At some point, Moran Pober, ALMOST GUARANTEES that you will have acquired a million-dollar business by the end of the 6 month period. These kinds of claims are typical for scammy programs and courses that are trying to lure in people by overpromising.

2. It’s Not For Beginners. 
Even though Moran Pober claims that anyone can be successful with this business model, even complete beginners, I don’t think that this is suited for inexperienced entrepreneurs. If you don’t have the skills that are needed to manage a team of people and operate a business, then you need to learn as you go, which will make you prone to mistakes. In this case, every mistake can be incredibly expensive.

3. You Need to Be a Great Salesperson and Negotiator. These skills can definitely be learned, but if it doesn’t come naturally to you, then you should probably reconsider your involvement with Acquisitions University.

My Recommendation

If you’re an experienced business person, with personal experience in startups and entrepreneurship, but prefer to bypass all the upfront work that’s needed to lay out the foundation, build it from the ground up, and dive straight into a system that’s already working, then you may benefit from Acquisitions University.

If you have the relevant experience, it implies that you are fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses, which means that you KNOW what to look for in a company, and you know what to do to keep it afloat or even scale it to a whole different level.

However, if you don’t know what it’s really like to create a business, then you should probably start with something less demanding and not that costly. The best business model for beginners is affiliate marketing.

Your only job is to provide OTHER businesses with sales and clients. You don’t need to deal with customer service, refunds, client complaints, selling, and negotiating.

The start-up costs are incredibly low, which means that the risk is basically non-existent.

If that sounds interesting then you should see how these people are making money online using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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