100K/Year Made Simple Review

Welcome to my 100K/Year Made Simple review. Can you really start making money online with this system, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a product listed on the WarriorPlus marketplace.

Unlike many of the programs and software tools over there, 100K/Year Made Simple does NOT portray a quick and easy way to become financially independent. 

On the contrary, the sales page lets you know that his program is not for people looking for a push button system, those not willing to dedicate a few hours per week, time wasters, and shiny object seekers.

For a product in the make money online industry, this is DEFINITELY a good sign. However, that alone is not enough to determine if 100K/Year Made Simple is a good fit for you, or not. There are many different ways to start earning from home.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated income claims. 

Ready? Let’s get started… 

100K/Year Made Simple Review Summary

Product Name: 100K/Year Made Simple 

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing 

Product Owner: Kevin Fahey

Product Price: $22 + Upsells

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: The 100K/Year Made Simple is a case study where Kevin Fahey breaks down his process of earning 100K per year as an internet marketer selling his own products or other people’s as an affiliate.

If you’re struggling with making your first commission or if you don’t know how to start making money online, the 100K/Year Made Simple program can help you a lot.

You can get a clear path and a blueprint that’s already been proven to work. However, there are additional costs associated with this product in the form of a bunch of upsells.

Furthermore, if you’re on a tight budget and you’re looking for the most cost effective way to get started as an affiliate, I know that there are much better beginner friendly alternatives you can explore.

Click below and find out how I went from making $0 as an affiliate to a full time income from home on a very limited budget.

What is 100K/Year Made Simple?

100K/Year Made Simple is a training program by Kevin Fahey. Over there, he breaks down the four step system he’s been using for over 15+ years in the online world. This system is responsible for helping Kevin earn 100K per year.

Now, he’s decided to share his expertise with beginners in the industry and affiliates that are yet to achieve their financial goals.

By the looks of it, most legit affiliate marketers and credible internet people fully endorse this program.

However, some things are worth considering before purchasing this program.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of contradiction on the sales page. One of the biggest red flags I have about this program is that it’s not transparent as to what you will actually learn inside. You don’t know what you’re buying.

Is 100K/Year Made Simple a Scam?

100KYear Made Simple review legit or not

100K/Year Made Simple is NOT a scam. It’s a legit affiliate marketing program that offers to teach you a proven method that, if you put in enough time, energy, and resources, can turn into a very profitable online business.

However, there are some things you need to think about before getting into this program. First of all, you don’t actually know anything about this four step system that’s promoted on the sales page.

This can easily lead to disappointment and frustration. Then, there’s the contradiction issue on the sales page.

100k year made simple contradictions

It clearly says that this system was created thanks to 15 years of trial, error, and tens of thousands of dollars spent.

However, one of the supposed “myths” in this industry, is that you need money to make money. According to the sales page, that’s not true and you can get started using completely free software tools and resources.

100k year made simple contradiction

Yet, you’re still asked to pay a bunch of money to learn how to make them online. The 100K/Year Made Simple program is not free, is it? 

If you’re looking for a completely free way to get started, you can go online and research everything you need. There’s a ton of free content online that shows you exactly how to start making affiliate commissions.

Or, you can avoid wasting hours on end and join a community of over 1+ million affiliate marketers that help, teach, and aspire each other.

Beginner’s Alternative: Here’s How To Start Making Affiliate Commissions Without Paying Anything Upfront

How Much Does 100K/Year Made Simple Cost?

100K/Year Made Simple costs $22 for the front end offer. There’s some scarcity marketing on the sales page, claiming that the price will increase soon. This may happen, but I don’t think it will. 

On top of that, there are a few upsells or OTOs (One Time Offers).

Upsell #1
– IM VIP Training & IM Coaching Series Blowout ($47)

Upsell #2
– Free Affiliate Funnels OTO ($24.57)

Upsell #3
– Free Affiliate Funnels Reseller Pro ($97)

Upsell #4 – Free Affiliate Funnels Reseller Basic ($47)

Upsell #5
– Email Marketing On Fire ($26.44)

Upsell #6
– IM Checklist Gold Membership ($17.95/Month)

Upsell #7 – Free Traffic Shotgun OTO ($26.89)

As you can see, the price of this product and all additional costs can easily add up and leave you spending hundreds of dollars just to get started.

What I Like About 100K/Year Made Simple

100KYear Made Simple review pros vs cons

1. The Vendor Has a Good Rating. Unlike many other vendors on WarriorPlus, Kevin Fahey has a four out of five stars rating. This means that most people who bought and voted for his programs are satisfied. Or, it could mean that the rating is fabricated, but there’s no reason to think that.

2. You Can Get a Refund.
There’s a 30 day mandatory refund policy. You can always take advantage of that.

3. The Program is Created By a Real Expert With Many Years of Experience.
This is always a good sign. You want to learn from people that are where you want to be, right?

What I Don’t Like About 100K/Year Made Simple

1. A Lot of Upsells. There are seven upsells in total. They are not mandatory, but you’re highly encouraged to get them. Some vendors make money ONLY on the upsells. You can imagine how much importance they put into selling their additional offers.

2. Some Contradiction On The Sales Page.
It talks about how anyone can get started with affiliate marketing for free, yet there’s a price for this program. 

3. It’s Not Transparent. Not fully. You don’t really know what you’re buying. The only thing you learn about this program is that it’s created by a 15+ year industry veteran, and it works.

You don’t know how or what you have to do to make it work. People are different, and you may end up not liking what you have to do to start making money with this program.

4. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners.
 In my opinion, there is a much better way to start making passive income as an affiliate marketer.

On the next page, you will see the system I’m using to make up to $1K in commissions per SINGLE sale of a product or service I don’t even own, on top of monthly recurring revenue. No money spent on ads, expensive tools, or anything like that. 

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