What is Covert Commissions About?

So, what is Covert Commissions about? Welcome to the ONLY review that you will need to see. Before we continue I would like to point out that unlike some of the reviews that I stumbled upon while doing my research, this one is not trying to push the product for the sake of making money.

You see, this platform has an Affiliate structure that allows people to earn revenue by promoting it. Time to find out everything in this unbiased and completely transparent review today.

Stick until the end, as I will be revealing some hidden fees and charges that come up only after you pay for the initial product price.

Covert Commissions Review Summary

Product Name: Covert Commissions

Product Creator: Cindy Donovan

Product Type: Done For You Affiliate Marketing Service

Price: $1 For a 7 Day Trial, Then $19.97/Month + Upsells

Recommended: No

Overall Score: 45/100

Summary: Covert Commissions is a Done for You funnel service, where every piece of the Affiliate Marketing puzzle is put together for you except the most crucial one, your traffic. With a done for you program such as this one, you will get access to a bunch of pre made pages that will generate leads or sell stuff for you. On the upside, you don’t have to worry about creating all of this from scratch. The downside is that every member will have access to the same thing as you. This leads to internal problems such as duplicate content (bad for SEO), and generic funnels that EVERY member is using.

You will be promoting products that are basic, which can make it really difficult to profit from that.

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What is Covert Commissions All About?

Covert Commission is basically a bunch of one-page websites that’s only goal is to capture people’s emails. You can choose from various templates and different niches. They are already built for you, so you don’t have to do anything.

The thing is that nowadays it’s really easy to create that kind of page, and it requires no tech skills whatsoever. Of course, if you don’t want to waste any time on such things, this can be a great solution but that’s about it.

Forget about the hyped up sales page which claims that you will be earning commissions on complete autopilot from day one. Even though the funnels and the squeeze pages are done for you, this will not eliminate all the hard work for you.

Actually, compared to traffic (visitors to your page) generation, all of the above things are very easy to do by yourself. In other words, the hard work for you remains, so don’t fall for that.

I have to give out props to Covert Commissions and Cindy Donovan for providing their members with an example of what a successful email marketing campaign should look like. This can be good for beginners and people who don’t really know anything about making money online. 

Is Covert Commissions Just Another Big Fat Scam?

what is covert commissions - is it just another scam?
Even with all the hyped-up claims that everything will come to you on complete autopilot without any work from you whatsoever, I would still not classify Covert Commissions as a scam.

That’s because they do provide you with some value, and if you’re a beginner, you will be introduced to the vast opportunities of sales funnels, email marketing, and how they can make YOU money.

There are a number of upsells inside and some of them are mandatory for your success. Especially those that teach you how to generate traffic.

The main training on that is outdated. That’s why, I think that there are much better, and cost effective alternatives to learning all of that and more.

More About The Creator of Covert Commissions

Let’s learn more about Cindy Donovan and how Covert Commissions came to be. Back in 2015 a bunch of people decided to create a digital product. Cindy Donovan, Soren Joransen, and John Merrick were the original founders of this product.

However, a little while after the product’s launch, Cindy left their organization called IM Wealth Builders and made a brand new one under the name Wildfire Concepts. In 2017, Cindy bought out Covert Commissions from IM Wealth Builders, and in 2018, she launched a remake and updated version of this product. She is a serial digital product creator, traffic ivy being one of them.

What’s Inside Covert Commissions?

Inside Covert Commissions, you will get access to a bunch of different “done for you” funnels and pages, which all share the same goal of making it easier for you do land those much-anticipated sales. Here is what you will get inside this program.

1. Recourses. Below are all the tools and recourses that you will get with Covert Commissions.

– Squeeze Pages

– Landing Pages

– Download Pages

– Thank You Pages

– Follow Up Sequence via Email

They have some very basic training on teaching you how to get more traffic to these pages, but it’s not very effective, and unless you’re willing to spend a bunch of money on paid ads, don’t expect much with that traffic training alone.

2. Affiliate Network Collaborations. This program works with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, JvZoo & PayKickStart. You can find products and services to promote from these networks and insert your chosen links inside Covert Commissions. Once you do that, the “Done For You” pages and funnels automatically integrate with your affiliate offers. 

3. Credit System. After you purchase Covert Commissions, you will get the chance to use more than +60 ready for you sales funnels. The catch is that these funnels cost credits which you can buy with real money. You start off with 5 free credits upon your initial purchase. Each funnel costs you one credit.

4. Choosing Your Mission. Each funnel represents a different product or service for you to promote. Your mission here is to choose which one you want to promote.

5. Generate Traffic. This is the final piece of the puzzle. Once you setup everything, all you need to do is get traffic to one of your sales funnels. They are supposedly made in a way that is prepared to get you maximum conversion and sales.

Once you gather enough leads and build out your email list, you can then follow up with a sequence of already prepared emails that will encourage the readers to go through your funnels and end up buying using your affiliate links.

6. WordPress Plugin. This is a plugin that lets you easily integrate all of the above-mentioned stuff into your WordPress website. If you don’t have a website, that’s fine too, because you can simply use the pre-made landing pages and send your traffic through there.

Covert Commissions Price, Upsells & Refunds

Covert Commissions comes with a monthly price tag of $19.97, $47 every three months, or a one-time payment of $197. It also comes in with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you decide that you want your money back, you can do that within one month’s time no questions asked.

what is covert commissions about - refund policy

This does not apply to all the upsells, so don’t buy into them unless you’re really sure that you want them. You don’t really get the chance to find out what they are and how much they cost until after you buy Covert Commission.

Upsell #1 – Exclusive Membership Upgrade. For an extra $27/Month, $197/Yearly, or a One-time fee of $297 you can get access to exclusive bonuses, sales funnels, and pages.

Upsell # 2 – Bundle Offer – You will get access to more done for you packs, the price range varies from $9.97 and goes up to $97.

Upsell #3 – Email Suite Pro. For $67, you can host your own copy of email subscribers, which can significantly increase your revenue.s

What I Like About Covert Commissions

what is covert commissions about - pros and cons
1. The creator of this product is a REAL person
. Cindy Donovan is a serial digital product creator, with lots of years of online experience. In other words, she is not some made-up character online, which instantly gives out credibility.

2. Teaches a real method of making money online. The done for you system shows you a legit way of generating income, even with all the unnecessary hype about this product, there is still some value in there.

3. It’s Not an Expensive Product. The front end price is not that much, if you are a beginner there is something that you can take out of this program.

4. There is a wide range of sales funnels. All with different niches to choose from, which doesn’t limit you to only one thing. Diversity is something really good because it increases your chances of success by a lot.

5. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. This removes the fear factor of buying because you can always request a refund if you don’t think that this product is for you.

What I Don’t Like About Covert Commissions

1. Low-quality funnels. Most of them offer something for free in exchange for people’s emails AKA lead magnet. There’s nothing wrong with that but what I dislike is the fact that most programs that these funnels are “bound” to are of a low quality which is significantly going to reduce the chance of conversions and sales.

2. Duplicate Content. Everyone is using the same funnels, the same sales letters, and the same opt-in pages. Everything that you have and use, there are a bunch of other people who possess the exact same thing without any diversity.

This makes it impossible to get organic traffic via Google rankings. There is absolutely no way to get traffic without paying for it with Covert Commissions. Spending money on traffic can leave you with a gaping hole in your pocket if you’re new to this and don’t know how to do it right.

3. Outdated Training Materials. The training supposedly teaches you how to generate free traffic with backlink strategies and other outdated techniques that can most likely get your website banned on Google. 

4. You Don’t Own Any of The Pages and Funnels. Everything is cloud based and you only have access to these things not ownership of them. In other words, If Cindy decides to close down her program tomorrow, you will lose access to the pages, funnels, and the program in general.

My Recommendation

Unless you’re willing to spend quite a bit more than $27/month for additional expenses such as paid traffic sources and more than$400+ on upsells, I would suggest finding an alternative business model that can help you generate free organic traffic from the search engines.

This applies especially if you’re a newbie and don’t know anything about pay per click or online ads. See how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many people neglect and lose money because of that.

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