Upskillist Review – Is It Legit?

Welcome to my Upskillist review. Can you really learn valuable in-demand skills with the help of this platform, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. Upskillist used to operate under a different name. Shaw Academy. They decided to rebrand and change everything about their platform.

They even changed domain names.

Why did they do that? Because they changed ownership.

The previous version of this program used to get a lot of negative feedback and scrutiny from members. This had to have led to a loss of revenue.

Now, with their new platform called Upskillist, they seem to be doing a better job. You can sign up for free without a credit card and browse around to see what you like.

Which is exactly what I did.

Upskillist Review Summary

Product Name: Upskillist

Product Type: Online Learning Platform

Product Owner: Tara Looney

Product Price: $120/Year (There Are Additional Costs)

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: For The Right People

Summary: Upskillist is a platform where you can get educated on various topics that can help your professional life and potentially increase your income.

They have a number of courses that cover things like business, marketing, adaptive soft skills, design, finance, and more.

When you finish many of the courses, you will get rewarded with a diploma or a certificate showcasing your achievement and proving your newly obtained knowledge.

This could, theoretically, be used when applying for a new job or to add to your portfolio as proof of your skills.

Some organizations and companies may not acknowledge these certificates. The platform can be a great way to learn more about various topics and potentially find your passion.

However, I think that there are better alternatives for beginners looking to start a REAL online business.

What is Upskillist?

upskillist inside members area

Upskillist has a simple goal. Giving people all over the world good and useful education so they can make real changes in their lives and helping bosses train their workers better so they can keep more staff and see real benefits in their business.

When you sign up, you will be introduced to the member’s dashboard and get the option of going through a series of questions to help determine the best courses for you. They call this the Skill Gap Analysis.

“Our 23-question Skills Gap Analysis tool will inform Learners where their gaps lie in relation to the top 10 most in-demand Soft Skills. Examples of these Soft Skills are Leadership, Time Management & Teamwork!”

All of the courses are jam-packed with content such as starter packs, lesson videos, educator lesson notes, lesson slides, and much more. You can also invite team members using one of three options.

– Import your Google Suite contacts to invite your team quickly.

– Invite each member 1 by 1 using their email address.

– Use our CSV upload tool to upload all of your team members at once by inputting them all into an Excel sheet.

What Can You Learn With Upskillist?

With Upskillist, you can learn a plethora of different things. All the courses inside are divided into three different categories.

1. Category One – Accelerator Courses. These are single-module courses that go over time management, video editing, coding, economics, improving presentation skills, blogging, content marketing and vlogging, communication, promotions, and more.

2. Category Two – Certified Courses. There are 23 of them in total. These courses can improve your knowledge and skills in your role, consisting of 2-3 modules with between 4-16 hours of content.

3. Category Three – Diploma Courses. These are in-depth courses that upskill you both personally and professionally, consisting of 4 modules with between 16-32 hours of content.

Is Upskillist a Scam?

Upskillist review legit or not

Upskillist is not a scam. It’s a legit platform that has good high quality information on different topics and subjects.

Potential clients can test drive the platform for free for 30 days without adding their credit card info.

Unlike its predecessor company, which had you put your details in before you could access anything.

Many complaints were raised from that as people kept getting charged just for browsing and clicking around the platform.

It looks like the new management does a way better job of making sure customers stay happy and satisfied with their experience inside Upskillist.

However, not all customers share a positive opinion of the platform. Some label their lessons as “monotonous and boring” with no exceptional information that could not be found for free online.

negative review Upskillist

An additional complaint shared by many has to do with their marketing and promotional methods.

According to some, they are very aggressive in their marketing and keep sending you emails, messages, and calls despite unsubscribing.

Upskillist negative review

You should consider these things when deciding if this is the right investment for you or not. You can also see my most recommended training and find out how to create a profitable online business below.

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How Much Does Upskillist Cost?

Upskillist costs $120/year or $70/month. There are additional costs for some of the courses. You may need to pay for them separately.

Furthermore, you will be charged for each certification or diploma that you want to get as proof of your accomplishments.

Can You Get a Refund?

The only way to get a refund is within 14 days as long as you did NOT open any of the digital content you paid for. Otherwise, you can’t get your money back.

What I Like About Upskillist

Upskillist review pros vs cons

1. You Can Look Around Without Any Risks. The free registration for 30 days can help you get a real feeling of the platform and the mentors’ teaching style.

2. There’s A Lot of Training Lessons. They cover various topics that could help you improve your skills in different fields.

3. It’s Not Expensive. Compared to other online platforms, this one is relatively cheap.

What I Don’t Like About Upskillist

1. Most Of The Information Can Be Found For Free. Joining a platform such as this one can reduce your search time.

2. The Previous Version Had Lots of Issues. People were complaining left and right about things such as unauthorized charges.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. I think that this is not the best way for beginners to start. On the next page, I will show you the simple system I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale using other people’s products and services.

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