The Amz Formula Review – Is Joshua Crisp’s Course a Scam?

Welcome to The Amz Formula review. Can you really make money online with Joshua Crisp’s Amazon course, or not?

Here’s what you need to know.

The business model is legit, but if you think that becoming successful is going to be easy, then you’re already on the path of failure.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but it’s better to find that out now before you invest your hard-earned money without actually knowing what you’re getting into.

With that in mind, you should also know that this is a high ticket, expensive course, which means that you may come across biased and one-sided reviews that praise The Amz Formula like it’s the best thing that ever happened on the internet without offering any REAL VALUE that you can use in the buy or not decision. 

Let me point out that I’m not an affiliate of Joshua Crisp’s course. I won’t be promoting it, so don’t expect a thousand low-quality ebooks for joining through my links as an ethical bribe because there aren’t any.

My goal is to help you find out if this program is for you. Since there is no ”one size fit’s all” solution, the best way to do that is by going through everything that I managed to learn about the course.

Even though you will go through this article in minutes, it took me countless hours of research to figure out what the heck this program is really all about. Hint: It’s probably NOT what you think.

Ready? Let’s get started…

The Amz Formula Review Summary

Product Name: The Amz Formula

Product Owner: Joshua Crisp

Product Type: Amazon FBA Training Course

Product Price: $997

Overall Score: 55/100

Recommended: Only If You Can Afford to Lisk Losing Thousands of Dollars

Summary: The Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) business model can be very lucrative and effective for building a highly profitable online business.

That’s exactly why the competition is so fierce right now, and it’s likely to increase with time.

What this means for people like you, looking to get started in the industry, is that you should expect a hard, and difficult journey ahead of you.

Being an Amazon seller has its own perks, such as selling under a well-recognized brand, which immediately builds consumer trust from the get-go. However, it also comes with a lot of expenses and upfront fees.

I would advise against diving into this venture if you can’t afford to spend anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 on top of the course fees.

The more money you have to invest, the easier it will be to start seeing results.

Having said that, you should know that establishing an online business doesn’t have to be that expensive and risky.

There are other, more suitable, and cost-effective ways to get started as a beginner.

What is The Amz Formula About?

This is a relatively short course compared to some of its competitors like Amz Champions. There’s a lot of info that needs to be covered, and 8 hours may not be enough.

According to the sales page, The Amz Formula is suitable for people that are just getting started with FBA, but it’s also a great way for current Amazon sellers to increase their revenue and scale their online business.

When you become a member, you get unlimited lifetime access to the product, and you don’t have to pay any additional fees for course updates.

This is really good because the industry is always shifting and changing. People that don’t stay on top of these changes can easily get their business wiped out by the competition.

Achieving success and generating a consistent flow of income with your Amazon FBA store is only part of the equation. That’s why regular updates with similar courses are essential for the ongoing success of its members.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start an FBA Business?

amz fba cost

In theory, you could start an FBA business with as little as $500, but you will struggle a lot with getting things going and you will be extremely limited to what you can actually do.

That’s why MOST Amazon sellers start with over $10K. JungleScout has an entire article dedicated to the topic.

You need to buy the products that you will be selling upfront. Storing them in Amazon’s fulfillment centers will cost you about 15% per sale, and you will probably end up spending a decent chunk of money on paid ads as well. 

The Amz Formula has a bunch of lessons that can show you how to get on the first page of Amazon’s listings, but in all honesty, you can’t rely solely on that tactic.

You may have some luck, but the competition is so big that you will likely end up investing in paid ads online.

It goes without saying that this is a business opportunity which means that there are NO guarantees of success. That’s why I always recommend that you don’t spend more than you’re willing to lose.

Is The Amz Formula a Scam?

the amz formula legit or not

No, it’s not a scam. Joshua Crisp has created a great training program, suited for beginners and current Amazon sellers looking to scale.

You may have been left with the impression that you will not only get the guidance that you need to succeed, but you will also be held accountable by the other members of The Amz Formula course.

That’s definitely true, however, you NEED to understand that no one will do the work for you. The private community that you will get access to will be able to help and encourage you to continue when things get tough.

However, you should not rely too much on getting direct access to Joshua Crisp or any of his team members.

There have been numerous complaints from members of this program about that. Also, there’s a relatively low chance that you will get a refund if you do decide that this course is not for you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to make this thing work for you. If you rely solely on someone else, then don’t expect to achieve much.

This applies not only to this training program and the Amazon FBA business model but to every other type of online venture.

If you’re a beginner, the only way to TRULY find out if this is for you or not is by trying it first hand.

Doing that can be costly, which is why I can’t recommend this business model for those that are on a tight budget or with limited experience with making money online.

Who Created The Amz Formula?

Joshua Crisp is the founder of The Amz Formula. He’s using an old-school tactic to get people’s attention online by showing off the ”entrepreneurial lifestyle”, which apparently means taking pictures with flashy Lambos and showing off your money for the whole world to see. 

Many internet ”Gurus” use this marketing tactic to create a false impression that making money online is easy.

Even though this flashy method for getting people to buy courses and programs is used by a lot of scammers, Joshua Crisp is not one of the many fake Gurus that swarm the internet.

He’s made over 10 million sales on Amazon, and his main source of income is his FBA business. That’s what makes him qualified to teach others how to become successful Amazon sellers. 

amz formula review joshua crisp youtube channel

Joshua has a Youtube channel with over 21K subscribers and nearly half a million views in total. You can learn a lot of valuable things from all the free content that he is posting online.

What’s Inside The Amz Formula?

Inside this course, you will access 16 cheat sheets, templates, 8 modules, and over 70 lessons that guide you through the process of setting up and launching your FBA business.

As a member of The AMZ Formula, you will be able to participate in bi-weekly coaching calls, student group chat, and student mastermind chat rooms through Telegram.

If you end up missing any of the group calls, you can access the replays inside your membership area, alongside every call that was ever made since the creation of this course. Let’s find out what each module is all about.

Module 1 – Introduction to The Proven Formula & Amazon FBA

amz formula review introduction

This part of the course consists of 4 lessons that go through a brief introduction on everything that you will be learning and how to start your Amazon business using proven methods that every seller starting out should know.

The main aspect of this training is focused on the mentality side of things and the proper terminology that you need to get familiar with.

Your mindset plays an important role in your online success as an entrepreneur, which is why you shouldn’t skip this part even if it feels irrelevant.

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Account & Getting Started

amz formula review getting started

This is where you will learn how to set up your seller’s account and how to navigate inside.

You will get some insights on getting started with a limited budget, or how to finance your online business.

Joshua will go over the difference between creating a general store versus a branded one and which one you should go with.

You will also learn how to to become ungated, which will allow you to start selling products in restricted categories inside Amazon’s marketplace.

That’s right, you may stumble upon a great product that you won’t be able to sell unless you get approved. It can be difficult at first, but the lessons inside this module can help maximize your chances of becoming ungated.

The last lesson is all about calculating your Amazon fees. You need to know your outgoing expenses, or you won’t be able to make accurate predictions of the profits that you can make.

Module 3 – Product Research and Verification/Validation

amz formula review product research and verification

Researching the products before you start selling them is essential for your success as an Amazon seller. In this business, reputation is everything and you can’t have a good one if you sell low-quality products.

It’s also important that you pick a product that people will want to buy. If you manage to find a product that has relatively low competition with high demand from consumers, then you’ve hit the jackpot. 

You will learn how to research using JungleScout, and you will learn about additional tactics that most people don’t use. This can give you the upper edge over your competitors.

Everything that you need to know about product selection, validation, and verification is inside this part of The Amz Formula course.

Module 4 – Finding Suppliers & Negotiating Logistics

Finding a quality supplier is directly correlated with ensuring that your products are of high quality. That’s why this module is equally important as the previous one.

To complete each step outlined here, you will need to open negotiations with potential suppliers, leverage all the tactics that you will learn from Joshua, which includes how to cut out the middle man and source directly from suppliers.

Module 5 – Creating Your Listing, Acquiring Positive Reviews & Dealing With Negative Ones

amz formula review getting positive reviews

Having a good understanding of the listing process will directly affect your sales, revenue, and organic rankings on Amazon’s marketplace.

You will learn how to create optimized titles, descriptions, images, and how to get people to leave good reviews for your products.

By the time you’re done here, you will know everything about getting high-quality evaluations, what to do about negative ones, and what NOT to do to avoid getting in trouble.

Module 6 – Keyword Research, PPC & Advertising

This module is all about finding out what search terms people look for, and how to leverage that information to run successful PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns. This will be your main source of traffic (web users).

Since it’s going to cost you money to get exposure, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything right, or you could end up losing more than you make. In all fairness, this can happen even if you do everything right.

Module 7 – Keeping Your Organic Rankings, Sustaining & Growing Your Brand

Here you will learn everything about avoiding or removing hijackers, maintaining your natural ranks on Amazon’s search results page, patenting your products, and how to spy on your competition to improve your own results.

Dealing with all of that on your own can be very time-consuming and exhausting, that’s why one of the lessons here goes over the steps you can take to hire virtual assistants to take care of these manual tasks for you.

Module 8 – Bonuses &  Advanced Tactics

There are many ways to grow your online business. This module will go over some of them, such as email marketing, social media marketing, PPC ads outside Amazon, and QR code implementation.

The above-mentioned tactics can truly increase your reach and your overall sales if you learn how to do them right.

Needless to say that they all cost money, which is why you have to ensure that you know what you’re doing or you could face the negative consequences of failed ad campaigns.

How Much Does The Amz Formula Cost?

Joshua Crisp’s course comes with a price tag of $997. There are no split payment options, but you are encouraged to apply for PayPal credit, which is available to US and UK residents.

Inside, you will learn how to use JungleScout’s research tool. If you want to take advantage of that, you will need to spend an extra $468.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, you can. In theory, at least. If you want to get your money back, you need to have watched no more than 25% of the course content. Joshua has tracking software embedded inside the training, which allows him to know how much you’ve seen.

It’s important to note that most people won’t be able to take advantage of the refund. At the bottom of the sales page, the fine print makes it clear that if you buy the course at a discount, you can’t get your money back.

That’s a really clever way for the owner of this program to avoid issuing refunds. In all honesty, if you end up paying, the chances of getting your money back are slim to none.

What I Like About The Amz Formula

amz champions pros vs cons

1. Compared To Other Courses in This Space, This One is Relatively Cheap. The majority of Amazon FBA courses cost a few thousand bucks.

2. High-Quality Training
. If you’re new, you will likely learn a lot of valuable stuff from Joshua’s training program.

What I Don’t Like About The Amz Formula

1. Shady Refund Policy. The only way to get your money back is if you explicitly let the customer service team of The Amz Formula know that you don’t want any discounts applied to your order.

2. The Business Model Requires a Lot of Startups Costs and Ongoing Expenses
. If you don’t have decent capital to invest, you’re better off exploring other ways to make money online.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Getting into Amazon FBA can be tough. The competition is bigger than ever, and not everyone can afford to invest thousands of dollars to get things going.

Even if they can, there are no guarantees for success, which means that the risks are much more prominent than other business models out there. 

If you don’t want to deal with customer orders, refunds, and complaints, that’s one more reason NOT to get involved with Amazon FBA. What you can do instead is to promote products and services that you do not own.

Every online company is looking for affiliates to spread the word of their business, and most of them pay very well. It’s the most beginner-friendly business model with extremely low startup costs and high earnings potential.

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