Secret Traffic Hack Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Secret Traffic Hack review. Can you really tap into a great free traffic source, or is this another scam to avoid? Here’s what you need to know. This is a product on the WarriorPlus marketplace.

The vendors are two very influential internet marketers that I trust.

Receipt for Secet Traffic Hack

That’s why I decided to purchase the Secret Traffic Hack and show you EXACTLY what’s included inside, how much it all costs, comment on the traffic methods, and everything else you need to know.

I will also show you an alternative that you can explore.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Secret Traffic Hack Review Summary

Product Name: Secret Traffic Hack

Product Type: Traffic Generation & Email List Building

Product Owners: Jeremy Kennedy & James Renouf

Product Price: $11.99

Overall Score: 75/100

Recommended: Yes!

Summary: This training course reveals a 100% free traffic generation method. Anyone can use it to build an engaged list of email subscribers or to promote affiliate products to a niche audience.

There’s a big difference between untargeted and targeted traffic. The latter is much more valuable and effective.

People are willing to pay good money to get their hands on laser targeted traffic. This program will show you how to do that WITHOUT spending any money and without wasting countless hours figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

There is a resource that’s publicly available to ANYONE, but most people don’t know it exists. Those that do know about it have absolutely NO clue how to use it properly.

With Secret Traffic Hack, you can get full access to a database of highly relevant target audiences in any niche you want. Then, you can send them different offers and promotional content via email and push notifications.

“What is a push notification?” I hear you ask. It’s an automated message sent by an application to a user when the application is not open.

On you’re phone, they usually pop up on your screen before you unlock it. It’s a very powerful tool that, if used correctly, can yield incredible results.

You have a source of traffic and a system to monetize that traffic. All that’s left is a product or service to promote. If you have that, you can get serious results with this program.

What is Secret Traffic Hack?

Secret Traffic Hack

Secret Traffic Hack is a 6 part video course that’s hosted on Youtube. The videos are unlisted, and only people with the links can access them.

It’s recommended that you do not use your phone to access the content. Apparently, this can cause issues when trying to watch them. 

With this program, you can connect with people that are interested in your offers on multiple levels. You can add an event to their calendars, reach out via email, and send push notifications on their phones.

If you’ve ever been involved in email marketing, you know how important delivery is. For Gmail users, there are four places where your emails can land. Primary, social, promotions, or spam.

The highest open rates are on the primary tab and that’s where your messages will go EVERY single time. Guaranteed. That’s just how the method works. 

Is Secret Traffic Hack a Scam?

Secret Traffic Hack review legit or not

Secret Traffic Hack is not a scam. It’s a training course that does exactly what it claims. It shows you a great source of free traffic and a formula to monetize it.

Everything taught inside is legit. You can add people to a list and send them messages WITHOUT asking them to opt in. It’s ethical and fully compliant with all modern rules and regulations.

James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy

In the past, I’ve bought products from Jeremy Kennedy, one of the co founders, and I’ve always learned new things. This guy is all about delivering value and helping his customers.

With Secret Traffic Hack a high level of integrity and quality is maintained. Thanks to Jeremy and James, I’ve learned yet another highly profitable way to get free traffic to my affiliate offers.

It’s not difficult to implement and you will never be left wondering about what your next step should be. It’s all outlined in a very detailed way inside the training.

How Much Does Secret Traffic Hack Cost?

Secret Traffic Hack costs a one time fee of $11.99. There are a bunch of upsells or One Time Offers (OTO’s) that are not mandatory.

You don’t have to pay anything extra to unlock the full version of this course like many Gurus like to do, and there are no hidden fees within the process itself. 

One Time Offer #1 – Guaranteed Buyer Traffic Every Day ($9/Month).
Get your link added to a rotator that will bring targeted traffic to any link you want daily.

One Time Offer #2 – Get On Page One of Google For Any Niche ($29).
This is an SEO method that will show you how to leverage websites with huge domain authority to rank articles on the first page.

One Time Offer #3 – Get Emails Without an Opt in ($29).
All you need is one simple piece of code for your squeeze page.

One Time Offer #4 – Private Group Access ($19/Month or $97 One Time).
The group is hosted on Discord.

One Time Offer #5 – More Traffic ($29).
How to use platforms like Quora and Reddit to generate free and paid traffic to your offers.

One Time Offer #6 – Guaranteed Approval ($29).
James Renouf will approve you for all upcoming and previous launches.

One Time Offer #7 – Zoom Call ($29).
Get on a zoom call with all the buyers of Secret Traffic Hack.

One Time Offer #8 – One on One Strategy Session ($49).
Get personalized help from highly successful internet marketers James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy. They Will analyze your situation and offer advice based on your current level and experience to help you move forward.

One Time Offer #9 – Courses On Command ($297). Find out how these guys create, launch, and sell digital courses online and how to copy their methods for massive success.

One Time Offer #10 – Spend a Whole Day With James and Jeremy ($1997).
Get that personal help from seven figure earners and pick their brains for a full day.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, there is a 30 day refund policy in place. When asking for your money back, you need to tell them why you want it and let them know that the product did not help you in any way.

What I Like About Secret Traffic Hack

Secret Traffic Hack review pros vs cons

1. Almost No One Knows About This Traffic Source. This method is unknown to the majority of people simply because, at first glance, it does not look like something you can use to drive traffic. It can be easily overlooked.

2. You Don’t Have to Pay For Anything else.
There are NO investments needed to access the traffic source or the monetization methods covered inside this course.

3. It’s Created By People I Trust.
That’s an important factor as credibility is easily lost, but takes a lot of effort and time to build. So far, I’m yet to be disappointed by anything these guys have launched over the years.

4. It’s Suitable For Beginners. Both complete beginners and experienced professionals can take advantage of these traffic hacks. 

What I Don’t Like About Secret Traffic Hack

1. It Can Become Saturated. This free traffic method is somewhat limited. It’s possible that, at some point, too many people will start using it, which will seriously dilute the potential results you could get.

Might as well take advantage of this while you still can. That’s what I’m doing.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Secret Traffic Hack is a very unique way to build a list of email subscribers and raise awareness for your products or services without paying any money for online ads and without spending countless hours to acquire that traffic.

One of my top recommended alternatives breaks down a simple four step system that I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product or service I don’t even own, on top of monthly recurring revenue. No paid ads. Want to know how I did it?

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