Savage Affiliates Review – Is Franklin Hatchett a Scam?

Welcome to my Savage Affiliates review. Is this just another scam, or can Franklin Hatchett really teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer? 

Here’s what you need to know. I got this program, so I can show you exactly what’s inside, and share my personal experience with Savage Affiliates.


I’ve been a member for a few years and the course has NEVER been updated. Regardless, there are a lot of valuable things that Franklin shares within his program that work very well to this day.

Not everything, though.

This course has been semi-restricted. The only way to get access to it is by clicking on one of the links from affiliates.

You can’t enroll from anywhere else. Not on any of Franklin’s websites. Not on his YouTube channel.

When you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated income claims.

Savage Affiliates Review Summary

Product Name: Savage Affiliates

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Product Owner: Franklin Hatchett

Product Price: $197 or $297

Overall Score: 75/100

Recommended: Yes!

Summary: Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing training program that can teach beginners how to start a profitable online business. The course covers everything that Franklin knows about this business model.

This includes picking a product to promote, creating the necessary pages, posts, and websites, running paid and free traffic, outsourcing some of your work, and picking the right tools to increase your odds of success.

You can learn a lot about both paid and free traffic (web visitors), but some parts of the training are outdated.

Especially the price points. Most of the costs associated with running an affiliate marketing business are outdated inside Savage Affiliates.

You will probably spend more than what you would expect due to that fact.

I would recommend this program, but it’s NOT the best out there. In my opinion, there is a better, more up-to-date, and less expensive way to get started and create a highly profitable online business.

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates consists of 9 modules and 3 bonus modules designed to convert beginners into successful online marketers or help people who want to scale their business.

You will learn about the different tools that you will need along the way such as WordPress, ClickFunnels, and other website-building software.

By going through the training, I quickly realized that it’s packed with a lot of value.

Franklin goes through all the different ways that you can achieve financial success with affiliate marketing. He reveals things like what affiliate products to promote, where to find them, and how to attract traffic to your offers.

Even though the training itself is valuable, I felt like there is room for improvement. I also think that some of the advice he gives in regard to generating free traffic can backfire on you if you are not careful.

In other words, you can spend some time building a bunch of assets to no avail.

My Personal Experience With Savage Affiliates

When I started with the training, I already had my website and knew a thing or two about affiliate marketing.

I ended applying one of the free traffic generation methods on my website, and it involved forum marketing.

At first, it all seemed to go well, but then I ended up getting banned from one of these forum websites.

Shortly after, I learned that they had updated their policy, so they didn’t allow me to post too many external links. I ended up taking an entirely different route due to that mistake.

That goes to say that some things being taught inside can be a bit outdated. Apart from that, I did learn about a method called Launch Jacking, which I will talk about further along with this review.

My overall experience with Savage Affiliates was pleasant, but there are a few things that could have been better, like the fact that Franklin was rushing through the entire training.

Is Franklin Hatchett a Scam?

savage affiliates franklin hatchett with a two comma club award

No, Franklin Hatchett is not a scam, and he will not rip you off. He has a big YouTube channel that’s all about making money online for beginners and posts content on a regular basis.

Even the free stuff that he shares is valuable, so you can imagine that his course will definitely help beginners too.

Franklin started making money online a few years back and is now full-time doing it. One of his achievements is the two-comma club, which is awarded to all ClickFunnels affiliates that generate a million dollars in commissions.

You can see him promoting this software as an affiliate inside his program. This can cost you hundreds of dollars each month.

There are more tools that you will need for your business, such as an email marketing autoresponder. Franklin has a recommended company for that too.

If you prefer to avoid spending that much money to get starter, see this alternative below here.

What’s Inside Savage Affiliates?

Inside Savage Affiliates you will get access to a blueprint that can kick start your online success. In order to fully understand what’s being taught inside, here’s a breakdown of the entire training course.

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

This is a 5 video training series that shows you how it all works, how to get free traffic, how to use paid traffic, how to use SEO for free traffic from Google, and how to navigate inside the course and funnels.

The entire introduction series is over 40 minutes long when you combine all the video material together, and Franklin Hatchett goes in-depth into explaining all of the above-mentioned things in detail.

Module #1 – Affiliate Products to Promote

savage affiliates module one

The first module consists of 8 educational videos that showcase the different affiliate products that you can promote.

The first video is the most important for building a solid foundation. It involves choosing a niche or a segmented market in which you will promote products and services.

Franklin will go through some examples of profitable niches that you can get into right away.

Then you will dive deeper into the psychology behind selling. It starts with identifying a problem and solving it in the most efficient way possible.

The other 6 video training series inside this module are about introducing you to all the different ways that you can get your affiliate links and start promoting with ClickBank, ClickFunnels, Get Response, BlueHost, MunchEye, and the Amazon affiliate program.

There is about 46 minutes of video footage in this module altogether.

Module #2 – Building Your Own Website Assets

savage affiliates module two

This module is all about securing your own digital property or assets. It starts you off with a 3:45 introduction of website assets.

Then, Franklin will dive deeper into things by showing you how to choose your own website domain name with an 8-minute long video.

Followed right after that, is another 8-minute long video about starting your website, an overview of your website, and all the nitty-gritty details that should set you up for your passive income business online.

Things like setting up the right plugins, installing the right theme for your website, adding articles to your website, creating and organizing categories, etc.

By the time you go through this module, you will have an up and ready website, that’s ready to collect leads, and emails from your visitors.

Module #3 – ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

savage affiliates module three

This module consists of 19 consecutive parts, and each one is focused on a certain thing. The first video of this module is a 5-minute introduction of ClickBank, and how you as an affiliate marketer can take advantage of that network.

The second video is a walkthrough of what to expect within this module. Basically, you will learn about everything ClickBank related, from basic things like setting up your account, and Franklin even goes as far as to offer product examples on various different niches inside ClickBank.

Just to clarify, ClickBank is a marketplace for affiliate marketers to connect with product vendors in different niches like health and wellness, fitness, singing, and more.

Once you have found a product to promote from ClickBank, the next step in Franklin’s training is to start creating blog posts on your website and implementing SEO techniques that will ensure that your content gets visibility on Google.

This can potentially result in free traffic coming your way. The SEO series start at the 12th video and go on until the end of the module.

Module #4 – SEO Google Traffic Training

savage affiliates module four

This module is all about free traffic generation using search engines like Google. It starts with an introduction to what SEO is, and how it works, and it slowly but surely progresses along the way as you watch video after video.

This module consists of 19 video training series, and they all cover different ways to get your website acknowledged from Google, which in turn will result in you getting a lot of traffic, sales, and conversions.

Basically, the training here can be separated into understanding how to identify search terms or keyword opportunities. Keywords are search terms that people are typing on Google.

If you know what keywords to add into your content, and how to add them the right way, you can ensure that when someone looks up your targeted keyword on Google, they will find your article.

You will also get familiar with using forums to create backlinks, social signals, web 2.0’s Guest Posts, PBN links, and more things that you can do outside of your website to ensure higher rankings.

It’s important to mention that some of these techniques can be a bit dangerous to implement.

The reason I’m saying this is because they lean towards the dark side of SEO (a bit), and if you don’t do exactly what you’re being shown, you risk getting a penalty from Google, which can result negatively in your organic rankings and overall SEO efforts.

One of the things that you’re being shown how to do is to use a popular question and answer website known as Quora.

This helps in building more backlinks pointing to your website, which can help with your SEO and organic rankings.

After I followed through that training, I started doing exactly what Franklin said we should do.

I had to answer up to 10 questions a day on Quora, with lots of valuable content, which was going great at first.

After a while, Quora started removing some of my answers. I had the option to appeal and ask for someone from their moderation team to look at my answers.

That’s how I got 99% of my answers restored. Some time after that, the same thing happened again, but now my account was banned for two weeks.

After days of scratching my head, wondering what went wrong, I found out via my research, that Quora does not allow to post links on your answers EVERY single time as I did.

After I began mixing it up, adding a backlink to my website on every second, or third comment that I left on Quora, my problem got solved.

Either, I’ve missed the part where Franklin points out that you should NOT leave a link to your website with every single Quora answer that you leave or his training is becoming outdated. 

Module #5 – ClickFunnels, Commissions With Websites

savage affiliates module five

In this module, Franklin will walk you through the process of earning commissions with ClickFunnels. He is a 2 comma club winner, which means that he definitely knows how to be a successful ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

He will be focusing on showing you how to create articles, that are related to everything that ClickFunnels have in their range of products. There are 8 video lessons in this module, with a total of just over an hour’s long watch time.

Module #6 – The Funnel Academy

This module covers everything related to funnels, what they are, how they work, etc. You will learn the true importance of having a funnel on your website, in order to ensure more conversions.

Here, Franklin is focused on showing you how to integrate ClickFunnels to create forms, landing pages, and everything else funnel related.

You can take advantage of the 14-day free trial that they have, but after that, be prepared to invest at least $97 each month to maintain your ClickFunnels Membership.

The Funnel Academy module has approximately 11 video series inside, with just over an hour and fifteen minutes of total watch time. 

Module #6 (2) – The Email Automation Academy

savage affiliates module six two

In this module, Franklin will go through connecting GetResponse with ClickFunnels. GetResponse is the autoresponder that Franklin is using in his training video series as an example to show you how email marketing works.

Having an autoresponder is essential for your email campaigns, but if you’re not interested in what ClickFunnels has to offer, and don’t want to invest that much, then this module will not be of much value to you.

Module #7 – Done For You Affiliate System

savage affiliates module seven

In this module, Franklin will be giving out some premade funnels emails and more. In the first 10 videos, Franklin goes over the lead magnets that you can use (he will be giving out some in certain niches), and walk you through the process of how a good email marketing sequence should look like.

You can get access to everything that you need to get more people to convert, pre-made for you if you decided to tackle one of the niches provided.

All of the products that you will be promoting can be accessed on ClickBank. The next 9 video training series covers how to set up a funnel, and an email sequence based on the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

They also cover how to run paid ads on Facebook and Google in order to get more people to sign up for the ClickFunnels membership through your link.

Module #8 – Free Traffic Training

savage affiliates review module eight

In this module, Franklin is going to show you how to get free traffic from Facebook using a specific method that his students are having great success with.

It basically involves being active in Facebook groups, providing value, and making sure that your personal page is well optimized.

You will also learn how to start your own Facebook group and get a community of people, that are your followers.

That’s what you will get in the first 8 video lessons of this module. Lessons 9 through 21 focus on getting free traffic using the second-best search engine that’s out there, Youtube.

Lessons 22 through 24 show you how to get free traffic using forums, Quora, and Instagram.

Module #9 – Paid Traffic Training

savage affiliates review module nine

This module has 19 parts, each one is focused on different ways to drive paid traffic with Facebook ads and Google ads. Franklin goes over everything that you need too to successfully create and launch paid campaigns.

Bonus #1 – Frank & Student Case Study

This bonus module has 10 video case studies. Some are of Franklin and the different methods that he used to create success online, others are of his students that are having success, and all the different angles that they’ve taken to drive success towards their business. Franklin will also show you a few videos with examples of his work.

Bonus #2 – Launch Jacking & Web Hosting

This bonus module covers two different ways that you can earn money as an affiliate.

The first one is Launch Jacking where you do product reviews on your website or you put out video reviews on Youtube about products and services that are yet to come out.

This method is especially effective in the make money online niche, and many people have seen success with it.

The second method is by promoting web hosting services as an affiliate and earning commissions from that.

This is yet another effective way to make a passive income business online because every website that’s online needs a web hosting provider, and if you can get into that market, the potential is huge.

Bonus #3 – Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This bonus module will cover everything that you need to know about Amazon and becoming an affiliate marketer with them. You will see examples of amazon affiliate websites, how to structure your amazon affiliate website, and many other things.

Bonus #4 – Extra Free Gifts

This is the last bonus that Franklin has to offer in his Savage Affiliates 2.0 course. It offers a combination of blog training, email marketing training, and Instagram training outsourced by other people. In other words, in this bonus module, Franklin is not the one who will be guiding you.

Access To a Private Group

When you become a member of Savage Affiliates 2.0 you will get instant access to Franklin’s private Facebook group, where all the other members of this training program hang out, exchange ideas and network.

It’s important to note that not everything that was mentioned above is included in the Standart Savage Affiliates price package. 

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Price, Extra Costs & Refunds

savage affiliates review price

Savage Affiliates 2.0 comes with two payment options. The first one is the standard package of $197 and the super pack version is $297.

In the super pack version you will get a Full Step By Step Affiliate Academy Course, Franklin’s Secret Done For You Funnel, Multiple Premade Funnels From ClickFunnels, Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint and the Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the potential extra costs that can occur after you buy Savage Affiliates and start working your way throughout the training. 

ClickFunnels – $97/Month or $297/Month

In order to take full advantage of the training inside, you need to have a ClickFunnels account, and after the 14 day trial period, you have to keep paying a monthly fee.

It’s still possible to create a successful online business using what’s being taught inside Savage Affiliates without a ClickFunnels account, but having one will definitely help you.

GetResponse – $15/Month – $99/Month Or More

GetResponse is the autoresponder that Franklin is using in his training videos. He shows you how to integrate it with your ClickFunnels account.

Nevertheless, even if you decide to use another autoresponder, the fact remains that you will definitely need one.

That’s the only way that you can implement email marketing into your online business. Autoresponders are relatively cheap, but it is an additional investment that you still have to consider.

Web Hosting & Domain Name – Starting From $10

If you want to have your own WordPress website then you will have to decide on a hosting provider and create your domain name.

These things cost money, but the amount is small at the beginning, and you will be expected to pay more as you grow and scale your online business.

Paid Ads – $300/Month Or More

You could go with less than that, but in order to have a bigger chance of profiting from your paid ad campaigns, you should invest a considerable amount of money.

Franklin goes through running paid ad campaigns on Facebook & Google in his training program Savage Affiliates.

If you decide to take advantage of that part of the training, then you should consider the investments that you have to maintain before you become profitable.

savage affiliates two review refund policy

As for a refund, you can get one within 30 days of purchasing the product, and proving that you did go through the training, and did not achieve any results.

There’s also the option of getting your money back within a 24-hour window from the time of your purchase if you do not log into your account and browse through the training. 

What I Like About Savage Affiliates

savage affiliates review pros vs cons

1. It’s Packed With Value. The training inside Savage Affiliates is full of value, and anyone starting out in this industry will surely learn a ton of useful things about what it really takes to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Even those with more experience can possibly learn a thing or two because there’s a bunch of different methods and techniques that Franklin Hatchett goes over in his training course.

2. The Training Goes Over Everything
. Franklin really does go all-in when it comes to his training program and doesn’t look like he is leaving anything behind. He basically goes over all the possible ways that you can start a profitable passive income business using both paid and free traffic sources.

3. Franklin is Legit.
Franklin Hatchett is a legit internet marketer with a big online presence, and lots of loyal followers. He has many achievements throughout the years of his online journey and one of them is the two comma club, which means that people can learn a lot from this guy.

What I Don’t Like About Savage Affiliates

1. It’s Expensive. If you wanted to take complete advantage of everything that Savage Affiliates has to offer you would have to invest way more than $297 into this thing. Not to mention that there is a recurring monthly payment that you have to maintain regardless if you’re profitable yet or not with the funnel builder ClickFunnels.

2. Some Of The SEO Tactics Can Be Risky
. If you end up not doing everything properly, you run the risks of getting a negative impact on your website in terms of organic Google rankings.

Take as an example, Franklin’s Web 2.0 series. Over there he shows you how to create backlinks in a specific way that will help you in ranking. While this can definitely be helpful, you need to make sure that you’re doing everything exactly as it’s being shown to you or you run the risk of ruining everything.

3. If You Can’t Afford to Invest in This Don’t Bother At All. The reason I’m saying this is because this online business opportunity will require a hefty investment from you especially if you want to speed the entire process, and even then there are no guarantees that you will ever become profitable. You must understand that this is a business investment that may or may not work for you.

Do I Recommend Savage Affiliates?

Yes, but it’s not for everyone. Franklin Hatchett’s training course called Savage Affiliates is a program filled with value and shows you the exact steps that you need to take in order to be successful with this business model.

As legit as this is, it can also be an expensive investment that will require a certain amount of risk from you.

Apart from the course’s price tag, you should expect to pay some extra costs that can add up to hundreds of dollars a month. 

If you’re willing to make that investment, then Savage Affiliates may be what you’re looking for.

However, I think that there is a better, more up-to-date program that can help you achieve financial success and discover one of the greatest opportunities in our generation.

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