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How to get Higher Ranking on Google?

In order to get higher ranking on Google, you would either:
Pay for Google Ads.
Grow Organically (FREE).

I am going to show you how to grow organic traffic and get Higher Ranking on Google and all other major search engines using Jaaxy – The most powerful keyword tool out there.
You can also watch a full in-depth presentation on Keyword Mastery on the Wealthy Affiliate website (my platform of choice) :

Video on keyword mastery

Here is why most of the keyword research tools out there are not as great as they should be (sorry to say this but in my experience that’s how it is). They rarely are newbie friendly and usually are packed with different types of analytical information summed up into hashtags # that make ZERO sense to the inexperienced User.

How can you get any use of the data when the #’s have no value whatsoever and what usually happens is that you are left with a bunch of USELESS data that is of no use to you. These are the 3 Main things that you should look into in order to find out if a keyword tool is any good or not.

1. It does not have a FREE trial. – How can you know for sure whether a keyword tool is any good or not if they don’t even have some sort of test period that enables you to mess around with the keyword tool’s features? Don’t give away your money without actually trying the product FIRST!

2.Does it pull results from all search engines… or just the one? If it does not get information from all the major Search Engines then that means that the DATA that will be shown isnt accurate.

3.Does it require more than a couple searches to accomplish a single task? If so, that’s a big red flag.

Brief Introduction to:
How to get Higher Ranking on Google

When you gather data for various keywords there are usually 3 Important Metrics that you should take into consideration. 3 Seems to be the magic number here.

1.What is the competition of this specific keyword.

2.How much traffic and searches does the keyword have.

3.Does the keyword make any sense.

The last one should be a no-brainer but sometimes people tend to forget or even intentionally decide to neglect this part.
Jaaxy Enterprise provides you with a simple and incredibly ACCURATE Data.

If you can find a keyword that has a low competition rate with a decent amount of traffic, then you are all set for Google first page ranking Domination as i like to call it.

How to Actually Find Keywords that Convert into Money?

It’s quite easy, IF you do it the right way. What people usually are worried about is the competition rate is too big for their chosen niche. If that thought has crossed your mind too, then you should carefully read this next sentence.

This fear that people have is based of the Lack of Knowledge on the keyword research topic. That’s right… let me explain why.

The amount of Quality Keywords that you can find in any given niche goes up to the hundred thousands. This is the number of quality keywords that I found when I typed just one simple phrase in the Jaaxy Keyword research tool:

We are aiming for no more than 300 QSR or Competing pages.

Crazy Keyword of Choice is: ”Socks

And just like that with one search, I found about 8 Quality Keywords with a decent amount of traffic and Low competition rate (QSR). 

Sounds good right? I managed to find 8 Quality Keywords for a niche that I know next to nothing about (I’m not that ”Sock” familiar). With a Keyword like Jaaxy Enterprise, the opportunities become LIMITLESS.

Pro Tip:

Search engines really like it when the name of your domain matches your Keywords. 

In this example, if my domain name was, everytime someone looks for that specific keyword (Socks) they are more likely to find my website on the first page of Google and the other search engines just because my domain name matches the keyword that was searched for.

So, How can you leverage that inside Jaaxy Enterprise? Let me show you: How to get Higher Ranking on Google

Now in this case as you can see, there are no free domains that can contain the keyword ”Socks” on its own, however, there are plenty of other free domain names that revolve around that keyword. You can buy a domain named colourfulsocks and you have the option to choose from domains ending at .net or .org. Easy, right?

Jaaxy Price List

Jaaxy Comes with 3 Options to Choose from that can fit any budget, that includes:

Jaaxy Starter – FREE

Jaaxy Pro – 49$ per month

Jaaxy Enterprise – 99$ per month

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