Keala Kanae Review – What’s His Net Worth?

Welcome to my Keala Kanae review. In 2023 his net worth is approximately $3M. He has a Youtube channel with about 30K subscribers, a couple of internet marketing programs, and a huge online presence. 

In his own words, his business has done over $70M in sales since it launched a few years ago. That’s a long way from working a minimum wage at a coffee shop.

One crucial thing for his massive success is getting a good night’s sleep. This means making sure you’re well-rested and able to tackle the day when you wake up.

That’s how you can implement critical thinking and increase your decision-making skills while maintaining a great level of energy. That’s become one of the most important things Keala Kanae does every day.

The second thing he does every day is to review his business numbers. That’s the only way to ensure you’re moving forward and not stagnating or even worse. Moving downwards.

Most entrepreneurs, especially beginners, have a bunch of daily tasks they need to complete. They keep them busy but not necessarily productive.

One does not always equate to the other. That’s why It’s so important to keep track of your business’ numbers.

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Who is Keala Kanae?

Keala Kanae with Grant Cardone

Born in Honolulu Hawaii, Keala Kanae wasn’t raised with a silver spoon. On the contrary, he grew up in a lower-class economy family. His parents split up when he was 13 years old.

His first business experience was promoting nightclubs in his hometown. He did not see much success, and eventually, it all went downhill. That didn’t stop Keala from trying. 

Eventually, he enrolled at the University of Hawaii and got a bachelor of science in psychology. Sometime after graduation, he was in a position where he could NOT even buy a birthday gift for his girlfriend.

That’s when he vowed to NEVER be in a similar position again and decided to take internet marketing seriously. For about 10 years he worked as a social media expert for various companies. He was making a decent salary of about $10K on average. Sometime later, he met with Kameron George.

Together, they founded a multi-level marketing company called Empower Network. The pair made some good money before they had to shut it down.

Too many people were calling it a pyramid scheme. Fast forward to today, he is the CEO of two seven-figure companies. Fullstaq Marketer and Inspirean X.

What is Keala Kanae’s Net Worth?

Keala Kane has a net worth of $3M. That’s calculated from his combined streams of income, including his two highly successful companies, affiliate marketing, coaching, mentoring, Youtube, public speaking events, and brand advancement.

The guy spends over $1M per month.

Is Keala Kanae a Scam?

Keala Kanae is not a scam artist. It’s no secret that he’s been involved in some shady MLM programs in the past. However, it looks like he has shifted his focus to more legit ways of making money online and helping others.

His courses and programs are NOT scams, but they do have a lot of upsells. This seems to be one of the main issues for people that interact with Keala Kanae and his products. That and the fact that he likes to sell very expensive offers.

What Can You Learn From Keala Kanae?

Keala Kanae is all about helping people become a better version of themselves and achieve financial freedom. A lot of the free content he uploads on Youtube is all about productivity hacks, avoiding burnout, and different ways to increase your income. 

One of the most important things you can learn from him is the HUGE difference between being busy and being productive.

Sometimes, you can trick yourself into thinking that you are productive and helping your business grow. In reality, you’re just keeping yourself busy to avoid feeling guilty for not working toward your success.

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