Graham Stephan Review – What’s His Net Worth?

Welcome to my Graham Stephan review. In 2022, his net worth is estimated to be over $7M. In his video, Graham shares his actual net worth, which has likely increased since 2020 when that video was released.

Most of his income comes from real estate investing, Youtube, and his course. With over 4 million subscribers, he is known as one of the biggest and most successful investors in the modern world.

When he started looking for ways to make money, he had about $5,000 to his name. It was from working part-time for four years while still in high school. His job was to photograph inventory as it came in and help organize it.

Little did he know that being so frugal with his money would eventually help him to become a millionaire. 

Who is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan was NOT a model student. All he could think about was how to make money, which led him to have a net worth of $30,000 by the age of 18.

He knew the traditional 9 to 5 grind was not for him. Graham wanted something that could allow him to be his own boss, choose his own hours, and NOT work for someone else.

He also HAD to pick something that required NO high school degree. That’s why he decided to get a real estate license. It aligned perfectly with his requirements and needs. That’s how it all started.

What is Graham Stephan’s Net Worth?

Graham Stephan’s net worth is over $7M. That’s calculated from his combined streams of income, including his real estate properties, Youtube ad revenue, course sales, consulting services, and stock market portfolio.

The biggest contributor is Youtube. He’s always been transparent about this and even shares it in his video where he reveals his net worth for everyone to see.

Is Graham Stephan a Scam?

Graham Stephan is NOT a scam artist. He is a legit millionaire with a very real rags-to-riches story that can serve as motivation for ANYONE that has the drive and focus to succeed.

Even though he made a lot of money with real estate, the truly groundbreaking income comes from his 4+ million subscribers on Youtube. The ad revenue with such a huge audience is incredible.

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What Can You Learn From Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan IG

Graham is a big advocate of saving your money, investing as consistently as you can, and when you find something that works you should stick with it.

In terms of money, doing something that allows you to leverage your time is essential. If you can reach a million people with the same effort as you would reach one, this is time well used.

The internet world allows us to do just that. Connecting with people has never been more effortless and easy. If you can learn how to use that to your advantage, you can make money from home.

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