Ecom Mike Review – Is He Legit or a Scam?

Welcome to my Ecom Mike review. Can you really make money with this dropshipping course, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a low-cost offer with an affiliate link to Shopify. A subscription-based platform created for eCommerce enthusiasts, dropshippers, and anyone that wants to sell a product or service online.

What’s the catch? Everything you know about Ecom Mike is a lie. The product owner is a spokesperson from Fiverr. I’ve seen him pretend to be a satisfied customer in other dropship courses.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated income claims. I will also show you an alternative to help you earn passive income online without a product or service. 

Ready? Let’s get started…

Ecom Mike Review Summary

Product Name: Ecom Mike

Product Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Dropship Course

Product Price: $7

Overall Score: 30/100

Recommended: No

Summary: This low-cost course will teach you how to build your eCommerce store, find winning products, and get traffic (web users) that will potentially turn into buyers.

The business model is legit, and tons of people are crushing it. However, the competition is HUGE. To make it work, you need to find a way to stand out from everyone else.

Especially when you’re running paid ads online. The costs can increase if you’re targeting the same audience as all your competitors.

You must be ready to spend a lot of money testing things out and researching the market. As part of your membership, Ecom Mike offers to hook you up with 3 winning products, copy, and page templates.

The owner does not want people to know who he/she really is, which naturally makes me believe that the content inside is full of rehashed information already available online for free.

That’s why I think there are better ways to get started as a complete beginner online and avoid spending tons of cash on paid ads and product testing. 

What is Ecom Mike?

Ecom Mike sales video

Ecom Mike is an educational program created by someone named Mike. In the sales video, you see a guy claiming to have been doing dropshipping for over 3 years. “I’ve tested more than 2,000 products, and many of them were winners”, he says.

Then, he goes on to explain that those winning products made him over $3 million in revenue. The course is so cheap because the real profits come from Shopify.

The owner is an affiliate who promotes the platform through his online course. Anyone that signs up for a monthly subscription using his affiliate link will result in commissions for Mike. At least he’s honest about that part.

Every member get’s a full dropshipping course, a pre-built store with 3 products, ready product pages, 3 video ads, and 3 thumbnails. One thing is certain. For some reason, this guy LOVES the number 3.

Is Ecom Mike a Scam?

Ecom Mike review legit or not

I don’t think so. You will get a product for your money. However, it will probably be a low-quality course with information you can already find for free online. 

The guy from the sales video’s REAL name is Luka. Here’s a video of him pretending to be a happy customer of a dropshipping program. Here’s a screenshot of him promoting his services as a spokesperson on Fiverr.

If the owner of Ecom Mike was an ACTUAL successful dropship expert, why not show his face and talk about his experience openly? Instead, you see a guy talking from a script, pretending to have made over $3M in sales over a period of 3 years. 

All of that is completely inaccurate and very misleading. That’s why I can’t recommend this program to ANYONE.

What you can do instead, is see REAL people having actual success with the four-step system I’m using to make a full-time income online. 

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The Cost-Effective Business Model I’m Using to Make Thousands Each Month

How Much Does Ecom Mike Cost?

The course is only $7. The business model requires a subscription to Shopify, which has multiple price points. $24/Month, $69/Month, or $299/Month.

Then, there’s the ad spend. You can start with as little as $10 per day to test things out, but if you want to see faster results, you would have to spend more than that.

Unless you’re willing to risk losing hundreds of dollars each month, you should not get involved with dropshipping.

Can You Get a Refund?

The sales page claims there is a refund, but there are no details. There are no terms of use or refund policy pages.

What I Like About Ecom Mike

Ecom Mike review pros vs cons

1. The Business Model is Legit. There are people who make a lot of money with eCommerce.

2. Low-Cost Course.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy this course.

What I Don’t Like About Ecom Mike

1. Fake Product Owner. The guy’s name is NOT Mike and he is NOT a successful dropship expert. The testimonials look pretty sus to me. They’re probably fake too.

2. Zero Trust.
For all you know, there may be a whole scheme going on behind the scenes. I would never trust my credit card information with someone that’s not even going to show his real face.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. If you’re someone with no experience in making money online or starting a business, I think that there are better ways to get started.

On the next page, I will show you the four-step system I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale. On automation. Without spending money on ads, worrying about customer service, and issuing refunds and chargebacks.

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