Baddie in Business Review – What’s Her Net Worth?

Welcome to my Baddie in Business review. In 2023, her net worth is estimated to be about $2M. With over 308K subscribers on Youtube, she is the first eCommerce expert that does NOT sell a course or a mentoring program. It looks like she does the opposite of what many online gurus do.

Instead of telling you to create a Shopify account and spend a ton of money on ads to get people to see your products, she states that anyone can start, even if they have NO money to invest.

Some people seem to think that her beauty is the secret of her fast success, but she debunks that in a video, stating that she hardly ever shows her face in any of her businesses’ videos.

Who is Baddie in Business?

Baddie in Business Isabella K

Baddies in Business has a real name: Isabella K. She has two six-figure eCommerce businesses that make her, on average, $80K per month. She got started with $100 by buying inventory and reviewing it on TikTok. More specifically, eyelashes. At first, they didn’t sell at all.

Isabella didn’t know what she was doing. Creating content with the main purpose of selling stuff was not an easy thing to do. Not a lot of people were selling stuff on TikTok back then. 

In turn, there weren’t many tutorials and guides that could teach people how to do it properly. No algorithm hacks. No blueprints to follow. Nothing. Directionless.

So she did the only thing that seemed right: Posting all the time. Three to four times a week. The most important thing was not to sacrifice quality for quantity.

Two months passed by with ZERO results. They even ridiculed her on Facebook for trying to sell her products to different groups.

Eventually, Izabella made a couple of sales and immediately reinvested her earnings to buy more products, test them out, and find her winning product. It was a process that took time and effort, but that didn’t stop Baddie.

At that time, she opened an eCommerce store selling dog merch. Thanks to her dog’s account and many fans on social media, the store did pretty well. “I just kept going and trying different things.

Eventually, I found what worked. I created content that blew up. I remember getting 10K views on a video and feeling super excited.

Then I had another video that got nearly 10M views.” That viral piece of content made Isabella over $8K in sales for 3 days.

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How Much is Baddie in Business’ Net Worth?

Baddie in Business

Baddie in Business has a net worth of about $2M. That’s calculated from her combined streams of income, including two eCommerce businesses, Youtube ad revenue, brand advancement, and sponsorships.

She does NOT sell courses or offers paid mentoring. With an average of $80K per month in sales, it’s safe to assume that her net worth is at a couple of million at least.

Is Baddie in Business a Scam?

Baddie in Business review legit or not

No, she is not a scam artist. On the contrary, Isabella does NOT sell information products and you can find all of the things she’s ever shared about making money online and running an eCommerce business on her YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram profile for free. 

She is an advocate of organic traffic (web users) generation methods. In fact, Baddie has zero experience with running paid ads, which is highly unusual for an eCommerce expert.

Her main goal is to empower women and show that there are more than one ways to be successful in the modern world. 

Here’s the thing about eCommerce. Nowadays, the competition is huge and these zero-investment strategies, while powerful, can be very difficult to implement.

Especially if you’re not ready to spend all of your free time on this business venture. Even if you find a way to produce results with organic methods, you need to worry about customer service, delivery times, reviews, chargebacks, refunds, product quality, and customer satisfaction. 

I know how overwhelming this can be for someone with zero business experience. That’s why I think that there are better ways to get started as a complete beginner and avoid all of these hurdles.

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What Can You Learn From Baddie in Business?

You can start things that can later turn into a business with zero dollars. For example, the owner of the Baddie in Business brand started a Youtube channel for her dog. For fun.

Eventually, it reached a ton of people, and she was able to monetize that channel. People are on the internet, doing all kinds of different stuff.

You never know what will go viral. Even if you think people would not be interested in something in your life, you might be surprisingly wrong. There could be a lot of things in your life that for you are normal, but others might find fascinating.

At the core of Isabella’s success is consistency. It’s probably the most important thing you can learn from her.

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