Automatic Cash Cars Review

Welcome to my Automatic Cash Cars review. Can you really start a business that makes daily passive income and requires no upfront investment? 

According to the sales page, the business model is simple, fast, and unlike anything you’ve seen or heard of before. 

Here’s what you need to know. I got access to the product and went through the entire training to show you exactly what you can expect.

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This cost-effective and high-quality training program is designed to show you a DIFFERENT way to start your own business and achieve financial freedom.

Unlike other programs and courses that CLAIM to show you something unique without backing it up, Automatic Cash Cars actually delivers on that promise for a change.

The business model allows you to leverage your car and turn it into an income stream. Get more cars, rent them out, and you can scale the business. In theory, there is no limit to your growth potential. 

On top of that, very few people are doing this right now, which means that competition is still low. This creates the perfect formula for a successful business.

Automatic Cash Cars Review Summary

Product Name: Automatic Cash Cars

Product Type: Passive Income Generation Program

Product Price: $97 (It Will Go Up to $297 Soon)

Overall Score: 85/100

Recommended: Yes!

Summary: This is a training course designed to help you rent your vehicle to make money. You will learn how to list it on marketplaces such as Turo. Big car rental companies are already taking advantage of the huge demand for this service.

With almost non-existent competition, they can get away with poor customer service or even poor-quality vehicles. People are looking for alternative ways to rent their vehicles. That’s why platforms like Turo are gaining a lot of popularity.

Think of it as the Airbnb for the car industry. Automatic Cash Cars will show you how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Renting out just one vehicle can increase your revenue to $50 per day. That’s $1,500 per month. When you take out all the costs, your net profit will be about $700 each month.

Now imagine renting out six or seven vehicles at $700 net profit each. That’s more than what many people make at their full-time jobs.

The six modules inside this course will make sure that you know absolutely everything about this business model to create a thriving business that will bring in passive income daily.

What is Automatic Cash Cars?

Automatic Cash Cars is an in-depth training program that will show you how to get into the car rental business. On top of the six main modules, there is additional bonus training content that will help you expand your business even further. 

You can even learn how to use OTHER people’s vehicles and rent them as your own. Right now, the price is still very low, but it will increase to $297 soon.

This is truly a unique opportunity to start a business where there’s very little competition and a HUGE demand. 

What’s Inside Automatic Cash Cars?

inside automatic cash cars

The first video that you will see Inside the Automatic Cash Cars program is a short two-minute welcome message from Catherine to all new members. 

The six modules contain a total of 14 extensive lessons. No fluff. Pure strategic stuff and step-by-step guidance on what you need to do.

Module 1 – Treasure Map

module one

In this first module of the Automatic Cash Cars course, you will be introduced to the exciting world of car rental through Turo and other similar platforms.

This module serves as a map for the entire course, laying the foundation for the wealth of knowledge and information you will gain in the coming modules.

You will learn about the basics of Turo and how it works, as well as why it is a valuable platform for earning extra income. You will also discover a valuable tool that will help you scale your car rental business and reach your financial goals faster.

It can give you an edge over the small number of competitors you have.

By the end of this module, you will have a clear understanding of the potential for success in the car rental industry.

Module 2 – GEO Location Secrets

Here, you’re going to uncover the secrets to figuring out which markets and places are perfect for your Turo cars. Remember, where you put your cars matters a lot if you want to make good money with Turo.

So, nailing the right location is a big deal. You will start by checking out what’s happening in your own city and then explore other spots too, as you see fit.

You’ll get the lowdown on using cool tools like Carsync to gather info about what people want and who you’re up against in your area.

Plus, you’ll find out how to connect with other Turo hosts. They’ve got the scoop on the best cars, how much to charge each day, and even how to handle delivery fees. 

Besides checking out the market, the module goes over parking and keeping your cars in line. You’ll pick up tips on finding awesome parking spots for your fleet.

Think public parking lots, working out deals with local places, and even using websites like for parking your cars.

Module 3 – Growing Your Fleet Secrets

module three

This module has all the good stuff you need to know about picking and buying the best rental cars for your business. It’s like a big helping hand for anyone who wants to make this work. 

You will learn how to find the perfect rental cars and how to talk shop with dealerships or car owners. 

You will also learn how to get ready to buy your dream rental car and other things such as down payments, credit scores, and how much money you need rolling in.

Plus, you will get help with figuring out if using a fancy thing called an LLC with a personal guarantor is the way to go.

Or if you should just buy the car under your own name or even pay in cold, hard cash.

Module 4 – Fleet Protection Secrets

module four

In this module, you will learn how to keep your fleet of vehicles safe and sound. I’m talking about some serious insider knowledge on insurance and registration that’ll make sure your cars are well-protected.

First, you will learn about all the different types of insurance out there, from the ones that cover businesses to the more personal ones.

You will get a breakdown of the pros and cons of each, so you can choose the perfect coverage that suits your business like. 

Ever wonder why it’s so crucial to get your car officially registered? They’ve got the answer. You will learn about all the different ways you can do it, such as getting your vehicle registered under an LLC or as yourself.

This is the stuff that’ll make sure you’re playing by the rules and keeping your fleet safe from any potential bumps in the road. No pun intended.

Module 5 – Tricks of The Top 1% Earners

module five

Here, you will learn how to prepare your vehicle for Turo. You will learn everything from choosing the right tracker to cleaning supplies, finding a car wash membership, and taking great photos.

These are all things that can make or break your business. That’s why it’s important to make sure to follow everything that’s covered inside. You will learn how to take the most amazing photos of your car.

You’ll get the scoop on the best spots and the coolest angles to make your car shine on Turo.

Module 6 – Cash Car Listing Secrets

module six

The last module is all about getting your car up and running on Turo to bring in that extra cash.

You will pick up the skills to keep your calendar in check, make sure your car is available when it counts, and even plan out maintenance stops. It’s all about keeping things smooth and hassle-free.

You will also learn some insider tips on crafting a listing that’s impossible to resist. From showing off your car’s best features to throwing in cool extras like unlimited mileage and comfy car seats.

Additionally, you will learn about protection plans to keep you and your car secure. They will even show you what to do after you get your first booking. 

By the time you finish this module, you will have a toolbox full of know-how to confidently put your car up for rent on Turo and start making money.

Bonus Module 7 – Managing “Other People’s Car” (OPC)

bonus module seven

Get ready to unlock a whole new level of Turo profits. This bonus module will help you scale your business by taking care of other people’s vehicles. 

First, you will get to know Turo’s rules and what you need to do to become a co-host. I’m talking about becoming a custodian and understanding your responsibilities as well as the car owners. It’s all about playing by the book.

You will also learn about the different ways to charge for your co-hosting services. From setting a flat fee to splitting the profits or even charging for specific extras like keeping the car spick and span or handling maintenance.

The experts inside this program will show you how to create a contract that keeps everything legit and protects both you and the car owner. 

By the end of this module, you will know how to price your services just right and how to cover all the legal bases. It’s like having a secret weapon to boost your income and take your business to new heights.

This bonus model is like an additional program inside the course. It comes with 29 lessons that go over every single thing you need to do to achieve success with renting out other people’s vehicles.

It’s taught by Dave Army. He is an expert in this field. He has a few dozen vehicles out there, of which he owns only 10. It’s worth going through all of this as it will undoubtedly increase your odds of success.

Bonus #1 – No Money Down Cars Approval Secrets

bonus one

This bonus module will show you how to get your hands on a car without putting down any cash upfront.

No down payment is needed. This includes financing, registration fees, title fees, and more.

Some of the tactics mentioned inside can help you improve your credit score, get a co-signer, and shop around for deals.

Bonus #2 – Hottest New Cars & Cities 

Automatic Cash Cars bonus two

This bonus module is like your secret map to finding the gold mines of Turo rentals. Prepare to get insights on the hottest new cars and cities that have the highest potential of bringing a lot of cash your way.

Furthermore, you will learn how to pick cars for your fleet based on the top 10 most profitable cars according to Turo. 

Bonus #3 – Rental Car Income Calculator

This tool is your ticket to figuring out how many cars you need to hit your monthly income goal. It’s like your personal income navigator.

You plug in your dream monthly income, your credit score, and the price range you’re eyeing for your cars. 

The calculator works its magic to tell you exactly how many cars it takes to make your money goals come true. It’s not just about the numbers, though.

You’ll also find out how much profit you can expect from each car and what kind of deposit you need for each ride. 

This bonus lesson is all about putting your plans into motion and making those income goals happen.

Bonus #4 – Access To a Private Facebook Group

It’s filled with members of Automatic Cash Cars and allows you to network with like-minded people. You can help each other out and work together towards achieving financial success with this business model. 

The private group also serves as an OPC marketplace, where people can use other people’s cars and vehicles.

Bonus #5 – Done For You Profile Setup

The team inside this program will do the profile setup for your Turo account on your behalf. All you have to do is answer a few questions so that they can accurately portray that information on your profile.

You will be asked what your car is, where is it located, what your financial goals are, and a bunch of other questions.

Bonus #6 – Weekly Live Calls With Turo Experts

You can take advantage of live weekly calls. They are held every week on Wednesday at 7 pm EST inside the private Facebook group.

Having direct access to Turo experts who are already making a great income with this business model can be a game changer. It can accelerate your own success rate and increase the chances of creating a profitable business.

Right now, you can grab this program for $97, but the price will increase to $297 soon. The value for money is incredible here. You are getting access to high-quality information on a business model that not a lot of people know about.

In other words, there is high demand and low competition, which makes this the perfect time to take advantage of Automatic Cash Cars and grab the program at a discounted price.

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